25/ 08/ 16

Liquid Lip

Liquid lipsticks no longer need an introduction since they’re pretty much everywhere you turn. Most beauty and makeup lovers Instagram’s are flooded with the latest swatches and dupes. Just about every brand has liquid lipsticks in their line now so there’s no escaping the hype. I’ve added a few new ones into my makeup collection as well. Read more »

18/ 08/ 16

Lingerie for you

As a woman there’s nothing more empowering than being comfortable in your own skin. Lingerie isn’t only for stirring things up in the bedroom with your beau, but it’s also for you alone to feel sexy and amazing in. I simply love the way certain fabrics feel and drape around my body, making every part flattering and insinuating every curve. Read more »

13/ 08/ 16

A few world travel essentials

When we finally do make time for traveling, it can be difficult deciding on what to take with us. We all know it’s best to travel as light as possible since we don’t always know where our adventure is going to take us. However, there are a few things that are a must to have on our trip so that it’s easy and memorable. Don’t forget to pack these! Read more »

11/ 08/ 16

Fashion Forward

Although we may not always admit it, we do find a lot of our fashion inspirations from actors/actresses, designers, and other personalities that we’re exposed to everyday on screens and social media. The thing about celebrities is that they always looks stylish, put-together, and most important, camera ready – of course, all thanks to their stylist. However, you don’t need a stylist to look your best! Whether you want to dress like chic Victoria Beckham or cool Kylie Jenner, it’s much easier to achieve their look than you would think. Read more »

09/ 08/ 16

Au naturale beauty

Since becoming more aware of cruelty-free cosmetics I’ve been a lot more particular in what new comers I’m letting into my beauty stash. These days the hunt for the perfect all natural beauty products is easy peasy. It’s actually really incredible knowing that it’s so easy to find all types of products out there that are cruelty-free, vegan, and environmental friendly! It also gives us the chance to check out amazing brands that we may have not been aware of. Read more »

03/ 08/ 16

Go to vegan treats

Happy August, everyone! Why does summer have to go by so quickly?! If only winter did the same it wouldn’t be so bad…sigh. So I’m here today to share more food porn with you. My last post on Easy Vegan Meals sparked some of your interests, so I thought I’d do another one but with yummy treats instead. While there are many different types of vegans out there, I’ve got to admit that I’m not the type who eats 100% healthy and clean 24/7 (that just ain’t happening). Read more »

28/ 07/ 16

Feel better on your period

We all may dread this time of the month, and for very good reason. Bears can smell the menstruation – Anchorman reference, anyone? No? Ok. On a more serious note, if you have an ovarian cyst like I do (mine is nothing serious) it can sometimes make your periods unpleasant. These are a few ways that help to make that time of the month a bit more likable. Read more »