28/ 07/ 16

Feel better on your period

We all may dread this time of the month, and for very good reason. Bears can smell the menstruation – Anchorman reference, anyone? No? Ok. On a more serious note, if you have an ovarian cyst like I do (mine is nothing serious) it can sometimes make your periods unpleasant. These are a few ways that help to make that time of the month a bit more likable. Read more »

25/ 07/ 16

Beach day

While New Years is when most people reflect on their life so far, I find myself doing that on my birthday. This one in particular is a special one since this year is a milestone of leaving my twenties behind and entering into my thirties. Even writing down the word thirties is weird enough as it is. When we’re in our teens and twenties we fear the thirties – I know I did. But as I’m here now today at 30 years old, I feel and like to think I don’t look any different from even 5 years ago. Read more »

20/ 07/ 16

Safe Tanning

Having a healthy glow after the summer is a badge of pride for many. Funny enough, tan skin is seen differently in every culture. In less developed countries, the poor are the ones working outside – hence why they had darker skin. While in western countries, a tan means you have enough money and time to go on vacations to develop that sun-kissed glow. Despite that all, times are changing. Read more »

18/ 07/ 16

Splat Suicide Squad Giveaway [/closed]

I think we can all agree summer has been awesome, and so I’m excited to announce that I’m hosting a Splat Suicide Squad Themed Giveaway! Splat Hair Colour is a proud theatrical partner for one of the most highly anticipated movies this summer – Suicide Squad in theatres August 5th!  Let’s break out some details first. Read more »

14/ 07/ 16

My perfect me day

Many of you can agree that there’s nothing better than spending time with yourself after a busy week. Whether you’ve been through short or long term relationships, romantic or platonic, you will always have them throughout your lifetime. But no matter what, the relationship you have with yourself is the most important one you will ever have. That’s why I’m never one to pass up quality girl time with my wonderful self! Read more »

12/ 07/ 16

Money savvy beauty

From facials to haircuts – we may not even realize it, but beauty treatments and products are essential in many of our lives. The need of wanting to look good does have a price, and the costs can sometimes start to build up. Here are some tips for saving money while still getting your beauty essential needs. Read more »

10/ 07/ 16

Flawless Summer Skin

Summer is in full swing and you’ve most likely changed up your beauty regimen. Flawless skin and a natural glow are always the best summer accessories to have in these very heated months. I like most people like to keep things fresh, and so looking healthy and youthful are pretty common goals. These are a few tips on how to not break a [beauty] sweat in the summer. Read more »