23/ 03/ 17

Skincare renovation

As you may or may not have known, I’ve had a horrible history with adult acne in my mid-20s. For the most part, things are under control, but even so, to this day I still struggle to keep my skin in check. I also realized that I wasn’t completely satisfied with my previous skincare regimen, and some of the products I was using weren’t making sense to my routine. What my skin really needed was a renovation to it’s problematic nature. Read more »

22/ 03/ 17

A capsule wardrobe

Remember when capsule wardrobes were all the rage last year? Well, you’ll be happy to hear that they’re about to get big again, especially now when minimal inspired living keeps on growing. Since this type of wardrobe is so minimalist – some have less that twenty pieces of clothing in them! Read more »

21/ 03/ 17

A few favourites

Who can believe that it’s already spring?! There might be a lot of you who are looking really puzzled right now since the weather hasn’t exactly been in sync. Aside from this wary weather, new seasons usually equal new discoveries and favourites. What way to start it off with the things that have been helping us stay motivated and on on track with life. Read more »

19/ 03/ 17

Bad hair

Although it’s normal to have those days where we look in the mirror and groan at our hair, it still sucks when your hair just doesn’t want to cooperate. If bad hair days are becoming a regular thing it might be time to look at your current hair routine. After all, it might be something simple at fault that can be changed to ensure you have better days. Read more »

14/ 03/ 17

In my makeup bag

Of all the years I’ve been blogging I’m not quite sure if I’ve ever shown what I actually carry in my day-to-day makeup bag. Of course I raved about specific products all the time, but what I actually carry in my makeup bag are most certainly the products I rely on the most for everyday use. If you’ve been around with me for awhile you’ll definitely notice that I’ve been using a lot of the same products and brands for many years now. It’s not that I haven’t switched things up, but I do find that I come crawling back to my favourites that had never let me down. Read more »

13/ 03/ 17

Mentioning regrets

During our lifetime, we may encounter a few regrets along the way of things we wished we had done differently or hadn’t done at all. Some possibilities could be of missed opportunities we could have taken, or the amount of time we could have spent with a certain someone. Although I personally believe no regret should be hung onto for long, there are certain ways that we may need to deal with and get through some of them in a type of matter. Read more »

09/ 03/ 17

The beauty transition

As we start to see the winter months slowly fading away—this is right about the time when some of us seek out new skincare and haircare products to help repair the damage from the cold temperatures. I also know for a fact that as the seasons start to transition, both hair and skin can experience a bit of a freak out towards the changes. It certainly isn’t always easy picking out the products you may need to help with your beauty concerns, but you got to start off somewhere.Read more »