30/ 06/ 16

Easy vegan meals

I’m sure you’ve realized that vegans are everywhere and are speaking up for the animals and the environment. It has been a year now since becoming vegan and I want to share my experience so far. I’ll admit that in the beginning it was not easy. I struggled a lot in figuring out how I can make this big lifestyle change work for me. After doing my research and watching a lot of vegan YouTubers, food documentaries, and readings on my own terms, everything about what I was doing all made sense. Read more »

28/ 06/ 16

Summer ready beauty

It’s been a hot minute since I last mentioned some makeup products. With the mixture of my winter acne attacks and trying to be careful with what goes on my face, I had no choice but to take a break from it all. It’s summer now and things have been looking up! I’ve slowly been easing back into some products again, but the fact that I haven’t worn a full face of makeup in so long has made me appreciate my own beauty without all the makeup. Read more »

23/ 06/ 16

Things about skincare you may not know

It’s no secret that I sometimes struggle with my skin. The good news is that it has been improving since I’ve been using the right products and keeping it clean. Many of us know less about our skin than we think we do. There are things we think are true that are actually false, and there are things we have never thought about. If you want to look after your skin properly, you need to know some important facts about it. Read more »

21/ 06/ 16

Big sun, big sunglasses

Summer has officially kicked off and we’ve been super blessed to have all this beautiful sunshine and heat. I hope you love it as much as I do! Our skincare and eyesight are important things to protect from the harsh temperatures, so it’s that time to start applying the sunscreen and wearing our favourite sunglasses again. Read more »

16/ 06/ 16

Not all women are from venus

I’ll be one to admit that I’m womance challenged and find it quite hard to sometimes relate to other women. I know friendships come and go, and regardless of what the outcome may be it’s still a valuable life experience. The theory that opposites attract does not seem to work in my favour whether is be in both friendships or romantic relationships. Read more »

13/ 06/ 16

In fragrance

It’s been over a year since I’ve done an update on my current fragrances and quite a lot has changed. For one, I’ve found that my tastes have evolved from a girl into a woman, and that I’ve been into heavier and more sultry scents. These are my three go tos: Read more »

09/ 06/ 16

Summer teases

There’s a good chance that many of you can relate to not always embracing your natural hair texture. We see everything that’s wrong with it so we often try our best to style and change it into something totally opposite. In my case, my hair just doesn’t seem to want to make up it’s mind. It’s a mixture of crimps, waves, and has the random few straight strands here and there – on top of that – frizz and dryness are no stranger to my lion’s mane. Read more »