25/ 05/ 16

The types of guys you’ve dated

They say summer is when we fall in love the most – in fact there’s an abundant of songs out there surrounded by summer love. I’ll be one to admit that I’ve been feeling the early love bug’s bite, so I couldn’t help but reflect on all the interesting characters I’ve dated in the past. Regardless of the hits or misses they were all unforgettable experiences. Perhaps you can relate. Read more »

18/ 05/ 16

A clean slate

Working from home has it perks, especially when it comes to those days when no makeup is necessary. It’s great having those few days a week when I can just let my skin breathe; but even on those kind of days it’s still nice to pamper your skin. I know I’ve said it a billion times before but my skin really has been having a difficult time with this unpredictable weather. Having found products to help me combat the horrible acne storm has made me very thankful. Read more »

12/ 05/ 16


Happy Thursday! If you haven’t seen my previous post, I recently had some downtime for my injured bicep. Although there’s a little more time needed for healing my recovery has been going well; thanks to those of you who wished me get well! I’m sure we’ve all experienced this, but when we have a lot of spare time our mind wanders off into places we may not always take the time to acknowledge when we’re so busy. For me my mind always travels to places I wish I go to next. Read more »

05/ 05/ 16

In time

Let’s just say it’s been a rough start to May. I’ve been on a new healthy lifestyle journey since the beginning of this year. In Toronto we don’t really have spring, so summer just pops up and surprises us whenever it feels like it. That being said, I decided my fitness needed to be on point for bikini season. I follow monthly Pilates calendars but I wanted to kick it up a notch by adding in some weights after my daily routine. Amateur me thought I’d get fancy and do more than the required repetitions – mind you it’s been quite awhile since I’ve used anything besides my own body weight for exercise. So guess what? Read more »

29/ 04/ 16

Make it count

With Mother’s Day coming up, some of you maybe starting to scramble around for ideas on what to get for your mama. For years I always thought it was really difficult to shop for my mom, but that’s until I realized she was an addict and hoarder of lipsticks, especially when it came to the reds. After knowing this shopping has gotten a lot easier! Read more »

26/ 04/ 16

It’s back

It’s no secret that styles and trends rotate every now and then, but there are ones that make a comeback when you least expect it. Without trying to sound old here, in my day collecting pins and patches were something we did as kids and even as teenagers. Like with the rest of fashion these statement accessories were how we expressed ourselves. From our favourite bands to our favourite slogans, there was something for everyone’s interest. Read more »

21/ 04/ 16

Mind, body, soul

In a world full of busy schedules not a lot of people take the time to truly be with themselves. Our lives are often occupied with responsibilities and other daily tasks that we forget about the simpler things that keep us happy and healthy. We’re often told that we should do a list of things while we’re still in our twenties, but I now believe those types of lists don’t necessarily need to be targeted towards anyone specific. It may sound silly but being in a relationship with yourself is one of the most important and valuable things you can do for your overall being. Read more »