20/ 07/ 17

Outfit Diary

It goes without saying that I’ve been lucky to be able to reach some of my summer wardrobe wishlist goals — all thanks to the help of companies such as Sammy Dress for letting me pick out a few items to add into my closet. When it comes to the clothing I want in my summer wardrobe, it’s all about adding in more colours, prints, and generally doing the opposite of what I do in the winter time. Read more »

18/ 07/ 17

Skin deep

I must say, Canadian companies have been taking the beauty world by storm, specifically in my city of Toronto, it has been killing it recently (with my favourite skincare brand being DECIEM’s The Ordinary FYI). A new discover has been Sade Baron, which is another amazing Canadian company that crafts together their own soaps, mists, body & hand care in-house focusing on beneficial plant-based ingredients and essential oils that work best on your skin and body. Sade Baron let me pick out a view items to enjoy from their 100% vegan and cruelty-free line. Read more »

13/ 07/ 17


You’ve all already heard about it by now, but Kim Kardashian West has finally launched her own makeup line. Since I’ve already tried out Kylie Cosmetics, I thought I’d give it a go with another Kardashian/Jenner beauty product. Right from the get-go I knew I wanted to try KKW Beauty‘s first products, which happen to be contour and highlight kits. Aside from eyebrow products, natural contour and highlight are my second favourite steps when it comes to doing my makeup. Read more »

11/ 07/ 17

Summer feels

From my point of view, there’s absolutely nothing that compares to summer. I find the most inspiration and feel the happiest and gracious in these warm beautiful days. It’s the perfect time to make memories with friends and family, explore new and different places — whether you travel aboard or not, fall in love, and just never waste one moment of it all. Summer to me is also a time to be even more daring than your usual self. It can be anything from what you do daily, to how you dress up. Read more »

06/ 07/ 17

In the sun

It’s finally feeling and looking a lot like summer in my city and I couldn’t be more happier! Although we haven’t had many scorching hot days just yet (not complaining at all since it makes these summer days very comfortable!), the sun is out to play. Influenster pulled through again and hooked me up with some new Shiseido goodies for protecting my skin from the UV rays. Read more »

04/ 07/ 17

Life & Geometrics

July is the month of my birthday and in this month I feel the most in my element. This is the month where I’m unstoppable and that anything I want to do is possible with the right drive and determination. As a Leo and fire sign in the zodiac, it only comes natural to feel at home in some spotlight. Aside from that, there’s also something very special about summer. The sun’s out, our bodies are warmer, inspiration is felt all over, and all doubts go away. Read more »

29/ 06/ 17

Hard Candy

As we’re constantly evolving, our taste naturally change over time as well. As I get a little bit older it’s becoming more apparent on how I treat and view makeup. My past perspectives were about trying to hide things I didn’t like, while my new perspectives are always trying to enhancing the features I was born with instead. Many, if not all of us, are also swayed by trends and we find inspiration in them. Makeup can be and will always be a fun thing to play around with no matter where you are in life. Read more »