23/ 02/ 17

All in all essentials

With the mixture of trends and just plain old growing up, it’s funny how we went from carrying around our entire life in an over-sized purse to carrying a small barely-fits-all kind now. Just the thought and looking back on those times of lugging around a huge bag on my shoulder around the city makes me cringe deep into the ground. As I’ve gotten much wiser, living and having things within my needs has been a top priority. I’m sure you’re all aware now of minimalism — I do believe that not everyone can or should have to follow a strict minimalist lifestyle, but rather have elements of it incorporated daily. Read more »

20/ 02/ 17

Eat, pray, love & read

As most people grew their interest of reading books at an early age, I only started to really enjoy it going into adulthood. Whether you’re picking up a book to let your imagination soar, or are learning about something new and of value to you, reading is a wonderful essential to add into your daily life. Personally, it’s one of the most therapeutic and relaxing moments in my day. From travel, relationships, and various self-help books — these are some of my more recent reads. Read more »

13/ 02/ 17

That’s tight

I already know what you’re thinking — the title — who doesn’t appreciate some early 2000s slang, right? In my defense I thought it would be a cute title to introduce this stylish accessory. If you’re living in a place where winters are usually below 5 Celsius, you’d know that it’s not always easy to look cute and stay warm at the same time. Often times we end up freezing our bums off just in the name of fashion. Read more »

07/ 02/ 17

My kinda red

As we have approached the month of love, now is also the perfect time to spruce up your look. Nothing says passion and desire more than a red lip. Don’t believe that there isn’t a red out there for you either – there’s an abundance red tones to choose from depending on your style and comfort level. I’ve personally favourited and even until now continuously like to rock out to four styles of a red lip that are the most flattering and easiest for anyone to pull off. Read more »

01/ 02/ 17

New to the team

Happy February, everyone! Recently I’ve really stepped it up in the beauty department. If you’ve followed along with my blog for quite awhile now, you’d know that I went through multiple makeup purges. Don’t get me wrong – I still have tendencies to impulsively buy new makeup – but instead now I always buy within my needs and only select products I know I’ll actually get wear out of. I ran out of some favourites, however this time around I decided to give new ones a go. Read more »

30/ 01/ 17

Dressing for the occasion

The words ‘formal attire’ can make any everyday person’s mind go into a boggle. If you’re not one to usually attend special events where formality is required, then figuring out what to wear can leave you in a bit of a panic attack. Dressing up for the occasion is much harder to get right than casual wear, as a lot of women find that they feel less confident in such smart clothing than they do when sporting a more casual look. To feel and look good whenever you dress up really shouldn’t be that difficult. Read more »

25/ 01/ 17

With the foundation

When makeup is your passion, it’s easy to let everything else slip by the wayside. You may already know you need a hair trim, but would rather save the money for that lipstick shade you’ve been eyeing for awhile now. Or perhaps the claims of the latest revolutionary skincare line sounds like something you may want to give a try – and the list goes on! Obsession with makeup, with tips and tricks to make your eyes pop and your lips pout – and never thinking about the other things that can impact your makeup. To get the most from your beauty products you have to look at the base and frame of your face. Read more »