15/ 01/ 17


Having on the right pair of shoes can really alter our appearance and the way we carry ourselves for the day. A killer pair of heels or even a pair of chic flats can make a difference of a world regardless of how your hair, makeup or outfit may look that day. With so many styles for everyday or special occasions, every girl will be able to find her favourite kind of pair. Read more »

12/ 01/ 17

On my mind

It’s a whole new year and along side that comes new or even renewed feelings. It honestly took me awhile to write out an introduction because last year had a lot of transitions and many of them were pretty overwhelming. Although certain events cannot be avoided in life – for the good or the bad – there are better and more positive ways in handling them. Read more »

10/ 01/ 17

The retro wardrobe

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04/ 01/ 17

Start new

Happy New Year, everyone! This is the first blog post of the year and what better way to kick it off with some self-love and positivity! We all have those days when we don’t feel our best and don’t feel comfortable in our own skin. We all go through a crisis of confidence, but there are plenty of ways to deflect those times.
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30/ 12/ 16

Two thousand seventeen

Year by year, I’ve found that preparing a list of new years resolutions just has never really worked out. Sure, I’ve stuck to a few of them for awhile, but then found myself quickly spiraling down a hole. Although 2016 wasn’t exactly the best year, it was still the first time in many years where I felt the most organized and the most creative when it came to my ideas and dreams. Read more »

24/ 12/ 16

Quick morning rituals

It could possibly be the colder temperatures and not wanting to get out of the warm and cozy bed, but especially in the winter time I find myself hitting the snooze button a few more times than usual. Catching those extra Z’s has resulted in a lot of last minute rushing around the in the morning. However, if you plan ahead things could go a lot smoother.
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22/ 12/ 16

Couldn’t live without in 2016

With Christmas literally here by the end of this week, it’s even harder to believe that 2016 is just about finished as well. I know, I know, we haven’t even finished with Christmas yet, but I just couldn’t help myself and I felt the need to share my most loved beauty products of 2016. But hey, perhaps these are some products you might want to consider for your Boxing Day shopping! Read more »