21/ 09/ 16

Fall Fashion Wish List

As we are just days away from the official first day of fall it’s not hard to resist the temptation of wanting to update and do a few tweaks here and there to your wardrobe. From day to day, temperatures can take dramatic changes – making it possible to still mix in some summer pieces to your warmer fall pieces. Especially in the earlier days of fall, it’s nice to have light colours and airy items to wear. Read more »

18/ 09/ 16

Style into fall

Fall fashion is all about looking cool, but staying warm. Even the most incredible outfits can fall flat if you’re stood there shivering. When it’s cold outside, you need to master the art of being both stylish and comfortable. It’s not always easy to do, but here’s a few things to keep in mind. Read more »

15/ 09/ 16

My Demeter Blend

Summer may be coming to a close, but temperatures have been spoiling us by passing on the last bunch of heat waves. For some of us, our perfumes and fragrances may differ from season to season. At this time of year, I personally like to keep my scents fresh and reminiscent of the summer time. Read more »

13/ 09/ 16


Whether your hair is straight, curly, or wavy – we all have our issues when it comes to our own hair textures. We may have questions to why supermodels seem to always have great hair, even on their days off. It’s because they’re privy to all the latest treatments and style expertise of the professionals. They also look after their locks, because their hair is after all a part of their brand. Here are a few secrets to Gisele’s bouncing blonde barnet or Miranda Kerr’s glossy brunette locks. Read more »

08/ 09/ 16

Into the fall

This year really has been flying by – wouldn’t you agree? Although I love the summer – it’s coming to a close, and I cannot wait for the more comfortable temperatures of fall. In my opinion, it’s the season with the best fashion and beauty. It’s that time when you don’t have to worry about frizzy hair anymore, and you can mix long sleeves and tailored shorts without getting overly heated or chilly. Read more »

06/ 09/ 16

Smile ready

When it comes to hygiene, taking care of our mouth should be a high priority on the list – because as cheesy as it may sound – along with a healthy mouth comes a beautiful smile. I’ve talked about teeth whitening before and have mentioned before that oil pulling is my most preferred method. Not only is it the most affordable, but it’s also the most healthy and natural way of taking care of your teeth. Read more »

31/ 08/ 16

Cool in summer

Summer doesn’t seem to be cooling down anytime soon, and of course it’s something I don’t mind one bit. Since I am a summer baby I do enjoy the heat and having continuous sunshine everyday. However, it’s been quite humid all summer long – and that’s just something I don’t get along with. Although the humidity has tested my tolerance, I’ve embraced the glowing skin and light tones in my clothing to keep cool. Read more »