20/ 10/ 17


Everyone who grows their hair out long knows it’s not always easy to grow your hair out while having it stay strong and healthy looking. Of course getting regular trims or dusting every few months really does help, but using the right hair care products also plays an important factor in the health of your hair. Aside from at salon or DIY treatments, the right shampoo, conditioner, and other aftercare treatments will make a whole lots of a difference. Read Post »

19/ 10/ 17

Peppermint & Argan

Back at it again with some oil talk! As my skin has been a bit problematic these last 2 weeks with the whole temperatures jumping from high to low—definitely the weirdest autumn I’ve experienced by far—the few things that do help are using facial oils to help with the recovery from breakouts and dullness. There are many variations of oils these days, however, sometimes going back to basics is all you need. Read Post »

16/ 10/ 17

The musts for fall

Since the temperatures dropped and fall has finally made it’s mark in Toronto, I’m feeling caught up in the spirits of the season. Sweaters, jackets, boots, and lattes have definitely been some of the highlights so far, but we can never forget about how beauty looks change as well. Just like with fashion, it’s almost inevitable that we gravitate towards certain shades of greens, browns, yellows, and reds. Read Post »

15/ 10/ 17

Beauty T’s

Although the year hasn’t ended quite yet, I’ve grown and learned a few new beauty tricks and trends along the way so far. I’ve also learned that in no matter what season we’re in, the elements can often be harsh on our skin and hair. Both the heat and the cold can do equal amounts of damage, but with the proper care and often short time for ourselves we can easily look and feel effortless. Read Post »

12/ 10/ 17

Ring it

Rings are personally one of my most favourties accessories and pieces of jewelry to own. When I was still in the hair industry it was pretty much impossible to wear them during work (anyone who works with their hands daily would know the struggle), so much that you just get use to not wearing any at all. As of now I wear them all the time; and aside from my hoops or favourite statement earrings—rings are totally me. And like with any piece of jewelry you own, there’s always a story behind each piece. Read Post »

10/ 10/ 17

The A box

Coming back from the Canadian Thanksgiving long weekend does take some time to recover from (with the vast amount of food consumed and all) so I thought I’ll keep this post more casual today and introduce you to some new products I received from PR recently! As we’re slowly heading closer towards the holidays it’s nice to start thinking ahead of what you can gift for yourself loved ones. Does anyone else like to plan ahead of time? Avon gave me a very generous package filled with a lot of their newest productsRead Post »

05/ 10/ 17

What I’ve Learned From Online Dating With Badoo

Looking for love online is nothing new and has been around for much longer than you actually think it has been. Back in my early 2000s high school years, my friend and I would scoop out the “TeEnZ dAtInG 14-17 ONLY” chat rooms when dial-up connect was still happening. Since it’s growing popularity has evolved vastly throughout the more recent years, more and more people are attuned to it. You can bet that any single people you know are on at least one or two different dating apps. You’ve got to find it funny how there used to be a huge stigma about meeting strangers online—boy have times changed! Read Post »