08/ 12/ 16

The art of oils

There are many wonderful benefits with using oils on our skin. In fact many, if not most, of the beauty products we use daily include different types of oils that help to moisturize, protect, and add a glow to our skin. As someone who wears makeup almost everyday – taking care of my skin is the most important thing! Adding in Eden’s Semilla oils into my day and night skincare routines has been making a world of a difference.
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05/ 12/ 16

Masculine with a feminine touch

It might come to a surprise, but out of all the many years of shaving I’ve never once tried out a men’s razor. Maybe like most women, I’ve been pretty faithful to one brand, and one brand only, my entire life. So when I had the chance to branch out with Harry’s – a company that caters to men’s shaving needs – I took in the opportunity with open arms! Read more »

29/ 11/ 16

Tried/tested skincare

Since colder temperatures have started to come in quickly, it’s that time again when I feel skin needs extra attention and care than usual. Tis’ the season of dry skin – often exfoliating and moisturizing particularly become major focal points once more. And in what better timing did these products come in to help rescue my skin! Read more »

25/ 11/ 16

The confidence in style

One way to make everything you wear look like a million dollars is to feel confident and comfortable in your own skin. It isn’t always easy to do this – maybe you’ve lost or gained a few pounds that you aren’t happy about, or you’re finding it hard to make the switch from summer into winter clothes. These are some tips to help you feel great in whatever you chose to wear. Read more »

23/ 11/ 16

Holiday shopping in

It’s holiday season and if you’re like me, you would rather avoid the chaos at the malls and the interaction with sales associates telling you that if you buy one you get the second one half price. For many of us, online shopping has become our best friend and also our worst enemy – but we still love it! With Black Friday and Cyber Monday coming up, I thought I would list down some of my favourites to shop for gift giving.
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15/ 11/ 16


Although there are no strict rules to follow by on trends – all day, everyday, I enjoy using accents of colour in my wardrobe no matter the season. Especially now that the majority of us tend to gravitate towards neutrals and darker toned clothing, it’s a fun contrast to play with some small but bold details of colour.
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10/ 11/ 16

A Fashion Vendetta

We can all agree that makeup is at its prime during the fall season. It’s the perfect time to finally pull out those vampy lip colours that we’ve been yearning to use again once the summer months were over. Though, the “fall look” is never complete until it’s paired with a natural glow of makeup that’s easy on the eyes. Read more »