23/ 05/ 17

Starting from the root

When it comes to hair, everywhere in the world has different styles, techniques, and beliefs when it comes to dealing with it — that goes for the health of the hair and scalp as well. I’ve mentioned it a zillion times before, but in my short-lived hairstyling career working in a Japanese salon, I’ve learned so many knowledgeable skills and ideals that not many salons in North America, Europe, and other places in the world know too much about or apply much emphasis on just yet. Although I’m no longer dealing with hair (just my own) I took what I learned with me to this day. Read more »

17/ 05/ 17

Girl Power + Lili Aromatherapy giveaway [/closed]

Although I haven’t completely figured everything out in life, I’ve gotten in better grips with being a woman, or a person that is comfortable in their own skin for that matter. Mental and emotional puberty hit hard in my 20s, even more so as to when I was a teen. Every time I felt like I knew or was sure of myself, I was surprised to know that I didn’t completely know it all. Like most or even all people I’ve always dreaded getting older, but yet again, I surprised myself. For the first time I feel more in control of who I am, what I want, and know I have the power for anything. Read more »

16/ 05/ 17


Although it’s important to wear sunscreen throughout the entire year, it’s even more important now. The sun and including us are out much longer as the summer days slowly approach us. Our skin is the largest organ we have, so treating it well is just as important as to how we take care of our overall health and being. If for some reason you haven’t yet started a daily skincare rountine, now is the time, and you will be rewarded with a youthful and fresh complexion. Read more »

14/ 05/ 17


Since we now live in a very online world with an abundance of apps to choose from, we may not know where to start downloading. Whether you’re a gamer or just someone who likes to keep well organized there’s pretty much an app made for just about anything and anyone to use to it’s full capacity. Here are a list of my 5 favourite apps that I think everyone also needs to have in their phones. Read more »

09/ 05/ 17

An open heart

Whatever happened to romance? Perhaps I’ve just been one of the “unlucky” ones, but I always find myself in the same situation from one after the other. In no way am I in a rush for anything, but naturally I’m a lover. The thought of falling in love adds a sense of tranquility all over my body and soul. I love everything to do with love, and although things don’t always work out, I never give up on it. Read more »

02/ 05/ 17

The twenty-seventeen travel wishlist

Packing for your travels does get easier over time. We may have already learned a few lessons along the way from our mistakes of over-packing, to forgetting to pack a few important things — it’s even worse when you over-pack but you forgot that one important thing! From my personal experiences, these are just a few things everyone should have on their travel wishlist. Read more »

25/ 04/ 17

Love in the air

The sun’s out and I couldn’t be any happier! I know, I know, here I go again with talking about the weather (I swear I’m not this boring), but in all seriousness the weather really does affect your mood. Since my winter blues has been fading out, it’s been all about enjoying the warm sunshine and bringing back some fun pieces in my wardrobe. Read more »