03, 03, 2014

10 Different Ways to Wear Eyeliner

Want to get creative with your eyeliner – or just simply want to try something new with your makeup routine? Then check out these ways to play up your liner for different looks.

Starting tools: Gel Liner, Liquid Liner, and Pencil Liner

The Cat Eye

Tool: Liquid Liner/Gel Liner

How: Line as close as you can to the lash like and wing out towards the end. You can control how much you want to create of a cat eye effect.

The Night Crawler

Tools: Liquid Liner/Gel Liner with Pencil Liner on the water line

How: This can be tricky towards the inner duct, but get as close and straight as you can. It’s the same way as creating a cat eye liner – the only difference is that the lines are drawn in thicker. Once you created the stronger cat eye, then you can line your waterline with a pencil liner.

The Reverse

Tool: Pencil Liner

How: Instead of drawing your eyeliner on the top lid, you will be going from the bottom. And lightly from the middle, draw out a line to the end of the eye and straight out.

The Simple One

Tool: Gel Liner

How: Line as close as you can to the lash line without winging out the liner.

The 90s Hit

Tool: Pencil Liner

How: Simply line only the waterline from inner to outer corner.

The Extension 

Tool: Liquid Liner

How: Again get as close as you can to the lash line, and when you reach almost the end, fling out the line.

The Dramatic Smudge

Tool: Pencil Liner

How: As if you were applying eyeshadow – draw on a thick and high liner to the lid. Then with a q-tip or a brush start blending the pencil up towards your crease in a windshield wiper motion. Line the outer corner with the pencil as well and blend it out towards the inner corner of the eye.

The Twiggy

Tools: Liquid Liner & Pencil Liner

How: Start with a simple winged out liner on the lash line. Then with a pencil liner – create another thicker line in your crease. This is to make your crease more prominent. Afterwards draw in bottom lashes. I like a bit of a criss-cross effect for a more natural look [from a distance]. This fits best with doll like false lashes to complete the look.

The Colour Line

Tool: Pencil Liner

How: Close to a cat eye liner but a bit more thicker with the waterline lined as well…oh, and that fun pop of colour!

The Heavy Ending

Tool: Pencil Liner

How: Just line a bit at the end of the lid for a simple deeper effect.

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  1. Lili says:

    Thanks for this post! I’m not very good with my eyeliner but I’ll try these tips. 🙂

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