26, 10, 2015

Five things I love about fall

1. Fall fashion – It’s no doubt that fall has the best fashion this time of year. From urban chic to modern grunge – the many different types of looks and styles you can put together during this time are endless. I love how I can mix a lot of pieces together while looking stylish and effortless at the same time, not to mention – still feel extremely comfortable in anything that I wear.

2. Love is in the air – As the weather cools down funny enough our hearts warm up and we’re ready for some romance again. Generally people seem happier and in a better mood since it’s not too hot nor too cold, so I enjoy fall the most when it comes to going out and doing things in and out of the city. This is also my favorite time to be snuggling it up with someone special.

3. The colours – Although the temperature gets pretty cool, fall makes up for it by showing off it’s beautiful and amazing colour scheme. Simply looking around in any direction always has a pretty view waiting for you. I’m not so much of a nature person but seeing all the red, orange, and yellow leaves makes me appreciate it a lot more.

4. Warm beverages & Netflix – This is the time when it’s ok to be a bit of a couch potato on the weekends and binge-watch some of your favourite tv shows or new movies while sipping on a soothing warm drink. My obsession with soy chai lattes and green teas can get out of hand.

5. The lead-up into the holidays – Before my favourite holiday approaches (Christmas, duh :P), there’s thanksgiving, Halloween, and then there’s shopping for Christmas presents. I know it may sound a bit crazy to be doing your Christmas shopping in November but I’m the type of person who likes to get things prepared early and out of the way – plus I’m just not convinced with the “major savings” of Black Friday.

What do you love about fall?

5 responses to “Five things I love about fall”

  1. Ianne says:

    I totally agree! I love this season too.
    Xo, Christianne

  2. Could agree more! I absolutely love this season for all of those reasons My absolute favourite time of year! ~ S x

  3. I love the cooler weather because I love an excuse to cuddle up with a blanket and have a good tv narathon. Also as you said, the fashion- I love the big coats, longline cardigans and boots!


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