07, 11, 2015

5 ways to live in the moment

Life is more fast pace than ever so a lot of us often don’t even have or make the time to really be present. Our bodies are always on the go and our minds are the agenda that drive them into constantly doing things one after the other without a breather. Taking a moment to stop and really open all your senses can make a difference in your daily life. Here are some tips on how to live in this very moment.

1. Disconnect – In a world where a lot of us can’t live without our phones by our side, we need to take the time and breathe even just for a bit offline. Whether it be a few days, one day, or even just a few hours, tapping into the moment without a screen to your face puts you back into the real world where you can take in and enjoy all your surroundings.

2. Change it up – Sometimes we find ourselves stuck in a rut and feeling like there’s no where to go, but once we change this negative way of thinking we’ll soon realize things don’t have to be the way they are. Change happens over time – it could take days, months, even years for something to change. Not everything is instant so never let whatever it is that you want to do or have happen discourage you.

3. Taste your food – We all constantly need to be getting somewhere that we’re now in the habit of rushing everything we do including our meals. It’s really the small pleasures that we tend to forget about that can enhance our lives. Believe it or not but simply taking the time to sit down, relax, chew, and really taste your food makes up for a lot of great feelings. Once you know how to really taste your food and enjoy that moment you’ll be able to taste other aspects in life.

4. Smile and laugh – Bad days happen but especially when those days roll around we often just want to curl up and dwell on it. No one is perfect in this area but when you’re having a bad day I say it’s fine to let yourself vent and cry it out, but then that’s it. Afterwards continue on and don’t think about it; tomorrow will be another day so just be grateful for all that you have. For an extra cheer-up I like to get lost in the moment with some of my favourite feel good songs.

5. Slow down – With our busy schedules and constantly always on the move, often a lot of us need to turn it down a notch. We do too many things all at once and it’s sometimes more than we can actually handle both physically and mentally. The way I see it is that life doesn’t need to be followed with a timeline nor does it need to be proven. The best moments in life are when you embrace that current moment for what it is and not what you expect it to be.

Do you take the time to live in the moment?

3 responses to “5 ways to live in the moment”

  1. I can sometimes be guilty of not really living in the moment because I tend to worry a lot which takes me out of the present, but one thing I definitely do is taste my food! I take so long to eat, I don’t even do it on purpose but I usually take like 20min longer to eat things than whoever I’m with.


    • Stacey says:

      I know what you mean, I’m a worrier too and I have moments when I go into a panic of worry for a day but then the next day I remind myself about the now and it seems to go away. I love slow eaters! Definitely shows you enjoy the moment! I feel awkward when I’m with someone who finishes their food in 5-10 minutes when are just watching me eat lol

  2. iamserenel says:

    I used to over think about things sometimes, and it prevents me from just living in the moment! But I decided to change all that, and ease my mind! I just try to take each adventure as it comes as we’re going to be old soon and will regret not doing the things we wanted to do when we were young 😀

    Serene | I Am Serene L

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