21, 03, 2017

A few favourites

Who can believe that it’s already spring?! There might be a lot of you who are looking really puzzled right now since the weather hasn’t exactly been in sync. Aside from this wary weather, new seasons usually equal new discoveries and favourites. What way to start it off with the things that have been helping us stay motivated and on on track with life.

Day to day item.
Passion Planner

All thanks to my well loved Passion Planner, I wouldn’t be able to manage myself as well as I do now without it. At first I thought $30 for a planner was a bit steep, but since using it, it has changed the way I organize and stay on track of my days. Besides feeling more in control, I love how at the end of each month there’s a monthly evaluation where you can reflect on what you’ve accomplished or on anything that you need to focus on going into the following month. Other features of the Passion Planner that sold me were the non-cheesy inspirational quotes on each page, as well as the Passion Roadmap that let’s you put together all your wish list goals. They’re broken down into time periods such as 3 months, one year, 3 years, and lifetime for better insight of what you want to prioritize the most. [*Check out Passion Planner here.]

Music album.
Bruno Mars – 24K Magic

Previous to this album’s release, I was seriously wondering when the hell a musician or band were going to be clever enough to bring back the unforgettable sounds of the late 80s/early 90s. And so, it was Bruno Mars that went in on it! Of course, there’s no hate on the newer sounds of today, but I personally feel like they got nothing on the music I grew up with (said every generation ever). Perhaps I’m biased, but there’s no denying how well this major throwback to real R&B/Soul/Funk album makes you feel. This is one of those albums that can easily be listened to from start to end without the need of skipping through songs, but I’ve got to admit that I have ‘Finesse, Chunky, Versace On the Floor, and That’s what I Like’ on repeat. [*Check out the 24K Magic album here.]


Ever since getting a new phone with a lot more space, I’ve been into discovering and playing around with apps. I’ve always been a very curious person and like to be continuously learning about new things everyday. Taking care of our bodies is just as important as taking care of our minds; and all the knowledge we take into keeping them sharp and healthy will benefit in the long-run  I’m not much of a gamer, but I did however find a fun brain game that helps to challenge the mind in many different ways possible. Elevate puts your listening, writing, mathematical, reading, even speaking skills to the test. I especially love that it only take a few minutes a day. [*Download the Elevate app here.]


Meditation has personally been a life-changing practice, which I’ve really been into it for the last couple of months. Everyone who has tried meditation at least once knows that in the beginning it’s very difficult to disconnect from your wandering mind and from the other noises outside. It’s a practice that takes a lot of discipline and focus to stay in the now. Aware has been a very helpful guide to me from the very beginning. It’s perfect for those who are starting off, but is also beneficial to those who want to get deeper into their mediation practice. There are many courses that must be completed before you are able to unlock new ones which really makes you motivated to keep going. [*Download the Aware app here.]

Fashion accessories.
Pura Vida Bracelets

With the way the weather has been acting up, it’s hard to picture spring, or even summer for a matter of fact coming anytime soon. A few weeks ago in my city, we had this one beautiful and very warm off-seasonal day that was unforgettable! Like any blogger would do, I took advantage of the sun and did my photography that day—I even wore a tank top while at it! Although the weather has recently been a downer, I’ve been doing my best with keeping a positive mind. Sometimes simply just imagining yourself on a beach or accessorizing your wardrobe with summer pieces is the way to go! The bracelets I received from Pura Vida have got me feeling all warm and fuzzy. Besides the beach bum vibes they give off, I love the fact that they’re hand-made in Costa Rica and that there’s a design for everyone to enjoy wearing. I also admire the fact that when each bracelet is sold it helps support artisans with full-time jobs. I think we all can appreciate a company who gives back!

You can use my code: THEBAMBIEYES20 for a 20% discount on your entire order when you shop Pura Vida Bracelets.

What are currently some of your favourite things?
This post was not sponsored — I was kindly sent some of these products. All opinions are my own.

8 responses to “A few favourites”

  1. Elevate + aware apps sound really good! I am definitely going to be downloading those tonight. My friend has the passion planner and I love how motivational it is, unlike most planners – next year I’m going to make the splurge and get one (I’ve tried bullet journaling, but I’m pretty lazy tbh.)

    This is a great post – I love that I came away with two more amazing apps to check out hehe.


    • Stacey says:

      Thanks Lindsey! Both apps have that pay for premium features but honestly they’re still both helpful and fun without the extra costs. Well actually I’ve paid the extra 5 bucks for Aware since I love it so much and wanted to continue to keep unlocking more meditation lessons. But really once you have the fundamentals of meditation down you don’t really need to follow the app anymore and just do practices on your own.

  2. Are those Urbanears?! I’ve never seen that color before, they’re beautiful!!!! I have a pair in lavender because they didn’t make pistachio anymore or I wasn’t able to find it in that color when I got mine years ago. But the color you have is so so pretty!!!

  3. Yiota says:

    Love the bracelets, so pretty. I started wearing mine too this week, in winter I don’t usually wear bracelets since I wear too many clothes but in spring I love to wear them and I love to combine different colours and material.


    • Stacey says:

      Same lol, it’s kind of pointless to wear bracelets with sweaters. Only certain bracelets looks good over long sleeves though !

  4. wendee says:

    the passion planner sounds amazin.


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