21, 03, 2016

A fresh start

It’s spring time again and that means it’s time to refresh and replenish some of our beauty products! Glossybox has again helped me out with that by sending over their March box for me to try out. Last month’s box was great, but this month’s just got even better.

Vine Vera Resveratrol Merlot Moisture Day Cream – I never thought I would ever need to use a concentrated moisturizer on my usually oily skin, but every time I overuse tea tree oil on my blemishes it leaves dry patches on my face. These patches like to stay for days and sometimes even weeks; I usually wait it out but it always test my patience. After only 4 days of using this the dry patches have vanished and I am nothing but impressed with how moisturizing this is without making my skin the one bit greasy or shiny throughout the day.

I Love… Cosmetics Super Soft Hand Lotion – Anything with the word ‘coconut’ always wins me over! I do admit that the initial smell of this hand cream is a bit strange to me but once it sinks into the skin it has a wonderful sweet coconut smell that would actually be pretty nice if it were also available as a body lotion as well.  I’m most surprised with how little of an amount you need and how quickly it penetrates and dries into the skin.

Luxie Beauty Rose Gold Large Angled Brush – It’s not that often that I buy new makeup brushes since the ones I have work perfectly fine, but adding a new one into the collection never hurt. I was most surprised about how dense and soft this was for a synthetic brush. I’ve already put it to good use with applying my highlighter and I must say I can see this being a favourite brush of mine already.

Eyeko Eye Do Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner – I love when the products I need come just in time before I actually go out looking for them! For years I’ve been attached to gel eyeliner but decided it was time to make the switch back to pencil and liquid liner instead for it’s convenience. I’ve tried out a few Eyeko products before and have been impressed. I will say I like the precise felt tip, however the claims of being a waterproof liquid liner aren’t even close to being true. It’s still a great liner but not something that could survive a hot summer day.

Too Faced Melted Liquified Long Wear Lipstick in Chihuahua – This of course was the product I got most excited about since I’ve heard so many great things about it. Now that I have finally had the chance to try it out I can honestly say it’s very much worth all the hype it gets. The formula is smooth, the applicator makes it super easy to apply, and the colour especially is right up my ally of the perfect everyday lippie. I also love the fact that it’s just a happy medium and isn’t exactly a matte or satin finish. I would immediately repurchase this once I run out!

Have you ever tried out any of these products before?

39 responses to “A fresh start”

  1. susana says:

    yo me tuve que dar de baja pq comence a acumular mil cosasssss

  2. ooo looks like you got some good products this month! i love the swatches you have. the top color looks really good and that liner looks like it runs super smooth – something i’d totally want to have


  3. Alyssa says:

    Wow it looks so amazing! Lovely products to check out.

    ~ Styleccentric Fashion’ | BLOGLOVIN

    xo, Alyssa

  4. Rams says:

    I’m totally obsessed with too faced liquid lipstick. I love this shade a lot. Great post..


  5. Pablo Parra (Fungi) says:

    He oido hablar de este tipo de servicios que te dejan paquetes con contenidos “sorpresa”, yo estaba suscrito a una healthy box y la verdad es que la experiencia me gustaba bastante porque siempre había algo inesperado. Me encanta la cajita de glossybox! Más por el hecho de que el diseño está bien cuidado y todo lo que trae dentro se ve increíble! Te quedaron muy chulas las fotos por cierto 🙂


    • Stacey says:

      Las cajitas son interesantes! Mayoría de las veces son buenas sorpresas, pero también puede haber sorpresas desagradables jajaj. Muchas gracias Pablo!

  6. The too faced lip product looks awesome! I love the colour. I don’t know how my pale skintone would be able to pull it off, but it looks amazing on you. The coconut lotion sounds amazing 🙂

    Lindsey Elyse | lindseyginge

  7. wheetnee says:

    Love the pictures!! I would’ve loved this box just for the too faced product! Such a pretty colour!

  8. Rach says:

    Sounds like this month’s box is a good haul!


  9. Elena says:

    Me gusta ese pinta labios 🙂

  10. Jeanne says:

    So many cool products! Great box! Thanks for sharing!

  11. Dominique says:

    Ooohh I do love Glossybox! That coconut hand lotion sounds divine, I’m a sucker for coconut too! Love the Two Faced lippy colour too xx


  12. Nerdy Maria says:

    This month’s box looks so nice! I want to try out that Too Faced lipstick, it looks amazing 🙂

    -Leta | The Nerdy Me

  13. Wow, just such lovely products! That Too Faced lipstick looks amazing!


  14. Lauren says:

    I love the eyeko liner!! You did the makeup so perfectly!

    xo Lauren

  15. I have really oily skin and also use tea tree products, but sometimes it gives me dry patches too because it’s so strong it can dry out your skin! The cream sounds good, x


  16. Rena says:

    All the products are new for me and I must say the content of this box is amazing! I love especially the lipstick here! Happy Easter <3
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  17. Zarrah says:

    Looks like a great box full of great stuff.
    You look great too dear.

    Have a great day!

  18. Alyssa says:

    Lovin the products in that glossy box!

    Styleccentric Fashion | BLOGLOVIN | GFC

    xo, Alyssa

  19. Gabrielle says:

    Oh wow, I love that a Too Faced liquid lipstick was included in the beauty box, I’ve been meaning to try one of those and keep forgetting! So pleased to hear you’re also a fan of them as I’m yet to read a negative review so far! 🙂


    • Stacey says:

      Yea! I never really went out and got it myself because I thought it might be an other hyped product but it just made me want to go out and get more colours :]

  20. yuka says:

    that lip color is sooo pretty!


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