22, 07, 2015

A Little Japanese

Happy hump day beauties! I’ve been on an Asian beauty fix recently, and since I’ve taken a very long break from it I’ve been super curious to see what’s new and trending in Asia now. Not to get too ahead of myself but I ordered a few products which I haven’t included here but will in the future. As for now I want to focus on these two lovely Japanese skincare products.

Daiso Desk-Top Facial Oil Blotting Paper
I received this as a gift from one of my friends while on her vacations. Since we don’t have any Daiso stores here I was pretty stoked when I got these! When I was in Tokyo one of my favorite things to do was go to their 100 yen mega stores, and as silly as it may sound these brought back lots of wonderful memories. Seriously Japan makes the best oil absorbing sheets though, these ones especially are made from traditional Japanese mino-washi paper so it absorbs gently on sensitive skin.

Makanai Kosume Exquisite Cherry Blossoms Hand Cream
This was gifted from my friends living in Japan (what can I say, I have great friends!) awhile ago. I’m use to knowing the more mainstream Japanese brands so I have never heard of Makanai and it’s been hard finding more information in English on them for you ladies. All I could really find out is that their Exquisite hand creams are best sellers and include persimmon tannin, thin skin of eggs, and soybeans in their ingredients. This hand cream is fluffier than normal hand creams and although there’s a very mild medicated smell to it I actually really love it. This is probably the best hand cream I own to be honest since it makes me hands super soft and moisturized.

Have you ever tried any Japanese beauty products before? If so, what have been your favourites?

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  1. lilmisslion says:

    Love this! I wanted to let you know that I nominated you for the Premio Dardos Award. The info is on my blog at kelleynicolewhilden.wordpress.com xoxo

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