This is the place where I share my thoughts and ideas on everything beauty, life and style. I began exploring my enthusiasm for photography, design, and beauty at an early age. I did my training, gained experience, and here I am.

Besides my fondness of playing around with products, I love a good ramble, showing my personal style, and indulging on culture by traveling around the world.

I hope you enjoy my little spot here as much as I do! xo


Where are you from?
Born and raised in Toronto, Canada.

What is your ethnicity? And what languages do you know/speak?
I’m 3/4 Filipina and 1/4 Spaniard. I speak English, some Japanese, and Spanish.

Where did you come up with the name The Bambi Eyes?
This blog was originally created by my childhood best friend and I. She came up with the name after a Lana Del Rey song, and yes we’re still friends!

Are all the products on your blog sent to you? Are any of your posts sponsored?
No, not all products are sent to me. It’s a mixture of my own purchases and PR samples that have been sent for reviewing. As for sponsored posts – I will have a disclaimer at the end of the post if compensation was involved. I also want to mention that some posts may include affiliate links. Regardless, I always give my honest thoughts and opinions.