27, 02, 2014

Acne: Get It Under Control

If you have suffered or are suffering from acne you would know how much it can take a toll on your life. When I was a student I never really had problems with my skin, but that all changed in my mid-20s when I started to develop adult acne. I went from hearing “Wow your skin is so nice! What are you using?” to “What happened to your skin?”. My skin routine and diet didn’t change so I couldn’t understand what happened. I went on to try out proactive, various skin lines for acne prone skin, and even went to see a dermatologist. Nothing worked and I was starting to lose hope.

When you have acne, you are left depressed and with very low self-esteem. I went from enjoying all the things that made me happy to not wanting to go out or do anything. I couldn’t wear makeup the way I could before and I didn’t want my picture to be taken at all.

As I was just about to give up on my skin I decided to try out one more thing.

Acne.org Regimen Kit

It took awhile for it to actually start working but after 2-3 months I started to see results. Since using this line I am now less likely to break out. The only thing is that my skin is still flaky from the treatment but it might also be from the cold winter weather.

But I have been using this kit since last October and have been happy with the results. If you’re just about ready to give up – don’t, I recommend trying this out.


I believe the Regimen did most of the magic, but I also tried to change my lifestyle a bit. To begin with I have never really been a soda drinker so to drink plenty of water throughout the day worked for me. It also helps to throw in some lemon or lime juice if you get bored with taste.

Don’t Stress

Another factor that I researched was trying not to over stress. With a job you are always on the move – especially if you are a commuter. But finding some “me” time is important. You need the time to do what makes you relaxed and happy. In that time you are in your own world where all your troubles are far away. It is not worth sweating the small stuff! So if you feel relaxed watching a movie, going for a run, reading, doing your nails, etc – then this is the perfect time to do so.

Of course, with the aftermath of acne you are left with the scars and spots. It is a reminder of all the frustrating things you went through when dealing with it.  Personally, to see them on my face still makes me depressed and envious of those with clear skin. They do fade but it takes quite a lot of time.

If you tried these tips or have a similar skin care routine, let me know!

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