12, 02, 2014

All About Lashes

Some of us and maybe the majority of us weren’t born with heavenly thick and long lushes lashes. And unfortunately we try everything in our high power to fake it. As a daily eyelash wearer and trained Eyelash Extension Technician (I’m pretty much a girl’s best friend if I may say) I can share what I know and what has helped myself and others.

Eyelash Extensions

– Don’t need to worry about mascara
– Saves time with makeup application
– Pretty much speaks for itself and most likely don’t need a lot of makeup
– Most natural looking
– Beach vacation proof (you can go into the water without a worry!)

– Depending on set and your lifestyle, it’s life can be short lived (average 4-6 weeks)
– If you don’t get touch ups and keeping opting for a new set it can get costly
– Limited to makeup that is oil based since it can breakdown the extension bond

Myth: Lash extensions can rip or make your natural lashes fall of = FALSE
Just like the hair on our head, lashes also have a life cycle (60-90 days). And since lash extensions are usually attached to mature hairs they may come off together and make it seem that way. The reality is the lash extensions do not make your natural lashes fall off.

Do’s and Don’ts
– DO try not to get the extensions wet for the first 24 hours
– DON’T tug on the lashes

False Eyelashes

– The versatility, natural one day – dramatic the next!
– Doesn’t require touch ups
– Makeup looks are endless
– Can be taken off with a good eye rub at the end of the day
– Can be kept and worn multiple times before needing to be thrown out

– If not taken off properly (ripping them off at the end of the day), can led to balding
– Must always carry around lash glue in case
– Not water proof

Do’s and Don’ts
– DO take off the excess glue from the lashes at the end of the day and store in a clean case
– DON’T rip off your lashes! DO use a cotton swab with warm water to pat at the lash line until they natural come off


And for those of you born lucky or just can’t be bothered with either lash extensions or falsies, there is always plain ol’ trusty mascara.

My favourites have been L’oreal Telescopic and Maybelline The Rocket.

– The most affordable
– Easy and fast application
– Can control how soft or dramatic you want it

– Must be replaced every 3-4 months
– If not cleaned off properly can cause bacteria build-up and irritations

So which one do you prefer?

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  2. theartsyasian says:

    I know this is an old post but i saw your third picture titled “False Lashes” when i was searching for lashes, and I am in love with how the lash from the first/second panel looks on your (asian) eyes (i was trying to find lashes that look good on double eyelid asian eyes) so i wanted to ask what brand and model are those lashes? I want to guess they are some sort of Ardell or maybe House of Lashes…but please let me know!
    BTW, I am in love with your blog and you are so gorgeous!

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