18, 01, 2016

Amore matte me

Ever since I hopped on the bandwagon of liquid lipsticks I’ve been on the hunt for the best drugstore brands that carry these wonderful long lasting babies – now I’m pretty sure I’ve found them. I was a bit devastated when I missed the first released set of the Milani Amore Matte Lip Crèmes since I’ve heard and scene so many positive things about them. The good news however is that Milani brought them back, but with ten new shades and a new and improved formula. I picked out three of the new colours that stood out to me the most.

Wearing: Forever 21 Ribbed Crop Top [alternative], Forever 21 Harem Pants [similar], Vintage Italian Scarf, Dailylook Clutch [alternative].

Loved (12) – Although it’s a bit deeper in shade, I’ve heard from other bloggers that Loved is actually very similar to Beloved which was one of the original Amore Matte Lips Crèmes. Just liked Beloved, I see Loved being a colour a lot of people would most likely gravitate towards since it’s a beautiful warm nude brown that is very on trend at the moment. It’s a very rich shade that would flatter a lot of skin tones but especially those when medium to deeper skin.

Craze (13) – This is described as a bright coral which truly lives up to it’s name. You can never really go wrong with a true coral since it looks amazing on just about anyone. Not to mention, I find this shade of coral especially makes your smile look even whiter than they normal which is always a nice bonus to have in a lipstick. Even though it’s still winter this colour definitely amps me up for the coming spring and summer since it’s the perfect shade to rock in the warmer seasons.

Devotion (14) – When I imagine a colour that is sultry and exudes confidence this is exactly what pops up into my head. Devotion is yet another colour that is said to be similar to one of their previously released lip cremes in the shade Romance. This deep bold red is a beautiful statement colour and of all the shades I picked up this one is my most favourite of them all. It’s a very chic red and I’ve been obsessively wearing all the time since it’s very versatile with a lot of looks.

Overall I’m very impressed with how well these lip cremes perform. Just wearing them for a full day I’ve noticed they aren’t sticky, never drying, don’t create weird creases or exaggerate fine lines on the lips, they’re very comfortable and long lastings, and I absolutely love the colours. I really look forward to Milani coming out with even more shades in the future!

Have you gotten your hands on these and if so which ones are your favourites?

10 responses to “Amore matte me”

  1. These lipsticks look amazing, I’m a lipstick lover can’t leave my house without it! I like the devotion the best, also love the nude top your wearing! x

    Shelise | SHELISES WORLD

    • Stacey says:

      I’ve recently become more into lipstick, I’m afraid I might become a hoarder very soon lol Thanks for your lovely comments!

  2. 8thdaybeauty says:

    Omgg Craze looks like my kinda colour *hearts in eyes* all three shades look great on you !

  3. iamserenel says:

    I saw the preview to this on your Instagram & GIRL I’m so so so so so so so in love with all these SHADES, why are you such an enabler, now where am I going to buy some Milani 🙁 CRAZE & DEVOTION look beautiful!!! & I love your top by the way you look gorgeous Stacey! <3

    Serene | I Am Serene L

    • Stacey says:

      You can buy Milani products through their website and they ship wordwide!! LOL omg I am the worst hahah sorry if I ever create a shopping addiction! I’m kind of a basis biatch with my makeup so I didn’t get the super exciting colours but they have a lot of other gorgeous shades and a really awesome deep brown that I think you can rock oh so well 😉

  4. Bobo says:

    Milani always give me suprise, Once I found a super amazing color eyeshadow in Milani. But doe it also sell in Milan in Italy?


    • Stacey says:

      Good question haha, I’m not sure if exactly it’s sold in Milan but I know Milani products are available in some parts of Europe…just not sure where. Sorry!

  5. These shades are so gorgeous on you! I have my eyes on craze and definitely need to pick it up! x

    Minimalist Makeup

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