25, 02, 2015

Animal Calling

Since I’m a leo in the zodiac, every now and then I like to unleash and showcase my inner feline on clothing. For some, animal prints are something we don’t think we can pull off for ourselves or that it may look childish – I thought so myself. But in recent years I decided not to pass it up so quickly and give it a try.

Prints can be a bit intimidating at first so if you find it’s a bit too much, opt for a print of an animal instead – it’s just as equally cute while leaving behind a statement. Like any fashion piece, it takes a while to find the ones that suit your look and personality best. But when picked out properly and paired nicely to match your personal style, they will look great.

Outfits & accessories: Zara gold tiger dolman shirt, Forever 21 white leopard print chiffon button tank [alternative], leopard scarf from ebay [alternative].

How do you style your animal prints?

8 responses to “Animal Calling”

  1. stresseacidade says:

    So Nice;) !

  2. odafagerland says:

    cool 🙂 You look pretty!

  3. I have so much animal print it’s crazy 😛 But it looks cute so that’s all that matters.


  4. flirtyng says:

    Animal print makes everything look very chic and pretty. love your scarf.

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