27, 02, 2015

Blushing Into Spring

As we start to leave our dull skin behind for more sunshine again – what better way than to spruce up and liven up the appearance of our cheeks. This is usually the time I like to pull out the blushes that tend to be too light/or invisible on me during the summer since this may be the only time it will appear as it’s true and vibrant colour. Here are my usually grabs for the season.

MAC Marilyn Monroe Collection – Legendary
This comes out extremely light on me, however it is buildable to a cute light pink. When I want to look more dolly or girly this is the weapon of choice. I don’t know what it is but when this is on my cheeks when I’m wearing white; it just compliments the entire look. [limited edition].

Milani Cosmetics – Luminoso
The very first time I bought this I was still very tanned and used it as a highlight instead, but as I became more pale after summer I finally could see how amazing it was on as a blush. It’s actually the perfect flush of peachy-coral with very faint hints of pink on the skin. I’ve been using for the last few months but I will definitely be carrying this on into spring. [purchase].

E.L.F. Cosmetics – Candid Coral
It’s very similar to Luminoso but on the cooler side. The small glitters are less refined than the Milani one, which is what I like about this blush. One application is usually enough since once you go out into the sun this baby will glow (I learned the hard way!). It’s just very soft and pretty on the cheeks. [purchase].

The Balm – Frat Boy
I don’t normally go for straight-up pink blushes, but this one blends so well that it’s not so intimidating after all. It has a completely matte finish so it will and can look very natural applied on. Of all the blushes mentioned; in my opinion this one screams spring the most to me. [purchase].

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  1. I bought milani’s luminoso from Amazon for £4 the other day and I absolutely love it! It’s gone up to £9 though now haha

  2. V says:

    These all look so pretty. Got to love a good, peachy blush

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