06, 11, 2014

Brow Town

Beauty-wise, if I could only care for one thing on my face it of course would have to be the brows! They really do play a big part on the appearance of the face. Sadly enough, I’m not one of those people born with perfectly thick eyebrows, so I’ve always sought out products that would help make them appear or even grow out thicker. I’ve found a routine that works for me, so if you’re in a struggle, maybe try out my eyebrow stables.

e.l.f. Eyebrow Treatment & Tame
This is absolutely amazing to have if you don’t have all the time in the world to do your brows (or perhaps you’re just having a lazy day). My brows are left with the perfect amount of tint and still looking their best. On a daily basis, I like to use this on my overall brows, and use the Make Up For Ever Aqua Brow to define the ends.
Purchase: Here at eyeslipsface.com

e.l.f. Eyebrow Kit
A strong eyebrow may not be everyone’s cup of tea, however I love the look from time to time! I find it brightens up my face and even makes my eyes look bigger. This is already an e.l.f. cult favourite and I see why – it fills in brows perfectly, yet still looking very natural.
Purchase: Here at eyeslipsface.com

Make Up For Ever Aqua Brow
As crazy as it may sound, I cannot live without this product in my life. This is probably my 4th tube (not including backups) right now. You all already know how oily my skin is, so this works great to keep my brows in tact since it is waterproof. This is especially my go-to when traveling. This has survived beach time and very humid summer days in Italy. A definite must.
Purchase: Here at sephora.com

Jolen Cream Bleach
This has been a long time favourite of mine since I can remember. Normally when I colour my hair I like to colour my eyebrows as well, but this cream bleach helps to maintain the colour until the next time I need a re-do again. This product works pretty fast to lighten the hair so if you want to try this out, do make sure to time it!
Purchase: Here at amazon.com

Fabulous Frannie Castor Oil
Only this year has this become part of my eyebrow routine. I have seen a vast improvement on the thickness of my brow hairs since I have started using this. Castor oil works wonders as a conditioner for the brows! At the end of the day, and once I have washed off any makeup, I like to apply a very thin layer of this on my brows. I let the oil stay on a few hours or until I go to bed since oil and bed sheets never go hand in hand.
Purchase: Here at amazon.com (but any castor oil will do)

Do you follow a daily eyebrow routine? If so, I’d love to know yours!

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