15, 10, 2015

Casual neutrals

I’m pretty sure I’m not alone on this one when I say neutrals are everything. Especially in the fall these are the guys I reach out for the most, and since I have a ridiculous amount of browns, beiges, and tans in my wardrobe there is no escaping! As weird as it sounds neutral tones and colours are my wonderland. I get a sense of freshness every time I add them in somewhere to an outfit.

Although I never really wear heels more than 3 inches now I still like to give my feet a break and wear some comfy flats. I’ve never owned a pair of loafers or have bought shoes from Forever 21 before but I recently took a chance; once I tried these on they had taken me by surprise at how comfortable and cute they were on. My personal favourites are to pair these babies with jeans, stylish joggers, or even a long bodycon skirt to finish off the look.

I’ve always thought everybody should have at least one minimal backpack in their wardrobe for it to be complete. This Baggu backpack has been with me for a quite few years now and still looks and feels brand new. I love how this chestnut colour especially looks amazing with just about everything in my closet. The fact that it has such a clean design makes it easy to style with almost every piece in my wardrobe as well.

If you’re like me and flashy blinged out watches just aren’t you’re thing then perhaps all you need is something more minimal such as a wood watch. I would have never thought this style would suit me but JORD who had sent this out to me opened up my eyes to something new. The slight masculine style of the watch actually looks great on and adds something special to an ordinary outfit.

Accessories: Forever 21 Faux Suede Loafers [here], Baggu Backpack [here], & JORD Wood Watches ELY series [here].

7 responses to “Casual neutrals”

  1. Herl says:

    Everything is pretty! Specially your bag. ☺

  2. You’re definitely not alone, I’m such a huge neutral fan- that’s basically all my wardrobe consists of!


  3. 8thdaybeauty says:

    ooo love the loafers!

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