23, 05, 2017

Starting from the root

When it comes to hair, everywhere in the world has different styles, techniques, and beliefs when it comes to dealing with it — that goes for the health of the hair and scalp as well. I’ve mentioned it a zillion times before, but in my short-lived hairstyling career working in a Japanese salon, I’ve learned so many knowledgeable skills and ideals that not many salons in North America, Europe, and other places in the world know too much about or apply much emphasis on just yet. Although I’m no longer dealing with hair (just my own) I took what I learned with me to this day. Read more »

17, 05, 2017

Girl Power + Lili Aromatherapy giveaway [/closed]

Although I haven’t completely figured everything out in life, I’ve gotten in better grips with being a woman, or a person that is comfortable in their own skin for that matter. Mental and emotional puberty hit hard in my 20s, even more so as to when I was a teen. Every time I felt like I knew or was sure of myself, I was surprised to know that I didn’t completely know it all. Like most or even all people I’ve always dreaded getting older, but yet again, I surprised myself. For the first time I feel more in control of who I am, what I want, and know I have the power for anything. Read more »

16, 05, 2017


Although it’s important to wear sunscreen throughout the entire year, it’s even more important now. The sun and including us are out much longer as the summer days slowly approach us. Our skin is the largest organ we have, so treating it well is just as important as to how we take care of our overall health and being. If for some reason you haven’t yet started a daily skincare rountine, now is the time, and you will be rewarded with a youthful and fresh complexion. Read more »

20, 04, 2017

The natural route

In this day and age, more people are aware and concerned with what goes into their bodies and beauty products. Many companies have stepped up their game to fit into this healthier lifestyle. Just like many people, I’ve been doing my best to make conscious purchases, and have been reading and paying more attention to ingredient labels. These are just a few products that have fit into the more natural category. Read more »

13, 04, 2017

Spring Essence

Spring has finally arrived in my city and I couldn’t be happier! You’re probably sick and tired of me always talking about the weather, but you’ve got to admit that it’s funny when people complain about the summers being too hot, and the winters being too cold. Anywho, I’ve been really excited to get back into using some of my favourite tones of peaches and corals for makeup — so excited that grabbed two new little Essence additions at the drugstore. Read more »

11, 04, 2017

Beauty balance

Happy Tuesday, everyone! As we enter into the week and upcoming Easter long weekend, I thought I’d share with you a recently PR package I received. Farleyco kindly send over a box of products for me to try out, and although a review wasn’t required, I still like to share my beauty discoveries and what products I’m playing around with. Read more »

04, 04, 2017

Not so Ordinary

You might’ve noticed by now that I’ve been on a skincare roll. Yeah, I know I always talk about my constant struggle and past with having major acne and breakouts, but anyone who’s had horrible acne knows it can be very traumatizing to your self-esteem. It’s been an ongoing battle, but for the last while things have looked up. I’ve been on a personal quest for the perfect skin and the results have really started to show-through. Read more »