09, 05, 2017

An open heart

Whatever happened to romance? Perhaps I’ve just been one of the “unlucky” ones, but I always find myself in the same situation from one after the other. In no way am I in a rush for anything, but naturally I’m a lover. The thought of falling in love adds a sense of tranquility all over my body and soul. I love everything to do with love, and although things don’t always work out, I never give up on it. Read more »

25, 04, 2017

Love in the air

The sun’s out and I couldn’t be any happier! I know, I know, here I go again with talking about the weather (I swear I’m not this boring), but in all seriousness the weather really does affect your mood. Since my winter blues has been fading out, it’s been all about enjoying the warm sunshine and bringing back some fun pieces in my wardrobe. Read more »

22, 03, 2017

A capsule wardrobe

Remember when capsule wardrobes were all the rage last year? Well, you’ll be happy to hear that they’re about to get big again, especially now when minimal inspired living keeps on growing. Since this type of wardrobe is so minimalist – some have less that twenty pieces of clothing in them! Read more »

13, 02, 2017

That’s tight

I already know what you’re thinking — the title — who doesn’t appreciate some early 2000s slang, right? In my defense I thought it would be a cute title to introduce this stylish accessory. If you’re living in a place where winters are usually below 5 Celsius, you’d know that it’s not always easy to look cute and stay warm at the same time. Often times we end up freezing our bums off just in the name of fashion. Read more »

30, 01, 2017

Dressing for the occasion

The words ‘formal attire’ can make any everyday person’s mind go into a boggle. If you’re not one to usually attend special events where formality is required, then figuring out what to wear can leave you in a bit of a panic attack. Dressing up for the occasion is much harder to get right than casual wear, as a lot of women find that they feel less confident in such smart clothing than they do when sporting a more casual look. To feel and look good whenever you dress up really shouldn’t be that difficult. Read more »

15, 01, 2017


Having on the right pair of shoes can really alter our appearance and the way we carry ourselves for the day. A killer pair of heels or even a pair of chic flats can make a difference of a world regardless of how your hair, makeup or outfit may look that day. With so many styles for everyday or special occasions, every girl will be able to find her favourite kind of pair. Read more »

12, 01, 2017

On my mind

It’s a whole new year and along side that comes new or even renewed feelings. It honestly took me awhile to write out an introduction because last year had a lot of transitions and many of them were pretty overwhelming. Although certain events cannot be avoided in life – for the good or the bad – there are better and more positive ways in handling them. Read more »