04, 07, 2017

Life & Geometrics

July is the month of my birthday and in this month I feel the most in my element. This is the month where I’m unstoppable and that anything I want to do is possible with the right drive and determination. As a Leo and fire sign in the zodiac, it only comes natural to feel at home in some spotlight. Aside from that, there’s also something very special about summer. The sun’s out, our bodies are warmer, inspiration is felt all over, and all doubts go away. Read more »

28, 06, 2017


When you can’t seem to find or decide on an outfit for the day, the best option is usually to go casual. Some people can completely rock the very casual almost ‘couldn’t care less’ look, while others just end up looking as though they rolled out of bed and picked the first thing they found in their wardrobe to wear — although that’s precisely what they did. Still there are some easy ways you can look effortlessly cool and put together. Read more »

22, 06, 2017

A little platinum

Throughout my entire adulthood so far, I’ve always been a forever gold kinda girl. I truly cannot even remember the last time I’ve ever worn pieces that weren’t gold. There’s also always been that rule in the back of my head that cool toned skin equals platinum/silver, and warm toned skin equals gold being the best for metals for each. Of course rules can always be broken when it comes to style, and now was definitely one of those moments for me. Read more »

12, 06, 2017

Change of frame

With the amount of things happening around the world, and despite it being good or bad — it’s not always easy. We live in a very fast-paced world now that is often times hard to always catch up with. Perhaps I’m biased being a 90s kid and all, but I remember times were a lot easier then compared to now for the new age/wave of millennials. For the sake of our own sanity, I think in times like these are when we need to really find inner peace. Simply taking the time out to find your headspace and relax can do so much more than you think. Read more »

06, 06, 2017

Summer wardrobe savvy

With the weather getting warmer by the day, it won’t be long until we’re all enjoying those long summer days. However, since we’re going to be outside more than we have been over the past six months, it’s important that we look our absolute best. This will mean updating our wardrobe, but it definitely doesn’t have to mean we need to spend loads of money while at it. Read more »

09, 05, 2017

An open heart

Whatever happened to romance? Perhaps I’ve just been one of the “unlucky” ones, but I always find myself in the same situation from one after the other. In no way am I in a rush for anything, but naturally I’m a lover. The thought of falling in love adds a sense of tranquility all over my body and soul. I love everything to do with love, and although things don’t always work out, I never give up on it. Read more »

25, 04, 2017

Love in the air

The sun’s out and I couldn’t be any happier! I know, I know, here I go again with talking about the weather (I swear I’m not this boring), but in all seriousness the weather really does affect your mood. Since my winter blues has been fading out, it’s been all about enjoying the warm sunshine and bringing back some fun pieces in my wardrobe. Read more »