31, 08, 2016

Cool in summer

Summer doesn’t seem to be cooling down anytime soon, and of course it’s something I don’t mind one bit. Since I am a summer baby I do enjoy the heat and having continuous sunshine everyday. However, it’s been quite humid all summer long – and that’s just something I don’t get along with. Although the humidity has tested my tolerance, I’ve embraced the glowing skin and light tones in my clothing to keep cool. Read more »

18, 08, 2016

Lingerie for you

As a woman there’s nothing more empowering than being comfortable in your own skin. Lingerie isn’t only for stirring things up in the bedroom with your beau, but it’s also for you alone to feel sexy and amazing in. I simply love the way certain fabrics feel and drape around my body, making every part flattering and insinuating every curve. Read more »

11, 08, 2016

Fashion Forward

Although we may not always admit it, we do find a lot of our fashion inspirations from actors/actresses, designers, and other personalities that we’re exposed to everyday on screens and social media. The thing about celebrities is that they always looks stylish, put-together, and most important, camera ready – of course, all thanks to their stylist. However, you don’t need a stylist to look your best! Whether you want to dress like chic Victoria Beckham or cool Kylie Jenner, it’s much easier to achieve their look than you would think. Read more »

21, 06, 2016

Big sun, big sunglasses

Summer has officially kicked off and we’ve been super blessed to have all this beautiful sunshine and heat. I hope you love it as much as I do! Our skincare and eyesight are important things to protect from the harsh temperatures, so it’s that time to start applying the sunscreen and wearing our favourite sunglasses again. Read more »

07, 06, 2016

The boyfriend shirt

Boyfriend shirts have sort of become an in thing over the past couple of years. No, these aren’t those cheesy couple shirts, tasteless couples wear during festivals and/or at a local theme park. As a matter of fact, The Guardian’s Haley Freeman points out that the descriptor ‘boyfriend’ is a mere play on the word ‘oversized’.Read more »

31, 05, 2016

Heating up

As the start to summer approaches I can’t help but feel a bit overwhelmed. While others may get this feeling on the eve of new years, I get this in the beginning of summer. It marks that halfway point through the year and it’s always an awakening overview of what we have done so far.Read more »

05, 05, 2016

In time

Let’s just say it’s been a rough start to May. I’ve been on a new healthy lifestyle journey since the beginning of this year. In Toronto we don’t really have spring, so summer just pops up and surprises us whenever it feels like it. That being said, I decided my fitness needed to be on point for bikini season. I follow monthly Pilates calendars but I wanted to kick it up a notch by adding in some weights after my daily routine. Amateur me thought I’d get fancy and do more than the required repetitions – mind you it’s been quite awhile since I’ve used anything besides my own body weight for exercise. So guess what? Read more »