08, 09, 2017


As the saying goes—home is where the heart is. We spent time making our home into a place that we personally consider warm and welcoming, yet with a lot of character that best represents us and our tastes. A home isn’t always built instantly and can change and/or evolve over the course of months or even years. Finishing touches such as colours, fabrics, and other furnishings such as decorations, rugs, and furniture play a huge part in our space.  How we utilize them and create the “at home” atmosphere in every room is up to us. Read more »

21, 08, 2017

Picture perfect on holiday

Many thoughts can run though your head when it comes to seeing all the fashion travel photos on your Instagram feed, especially since they all seem so or are well produced to the point where some hire for hair, makeup, styling, and a talented photographer to help make an image come to life. It’s obvious that the simpler times have changed, but that shouldn’t stop you from making the best of your photos whether you follow into the trend or not. All it takes is a little bit of planning when it comes to packing your bags, and some due care and consideration for your skin and hair while you’re on holidays. Read more »

31, 07, 2017


As we gain more knowledge on healthier lifestyles, we’re more aware than ever in trying to find which one works best for us individually. Over the last few years, I for one decided to take charge of my body and do what’s best for it by frequently exercising, drinking more water, and eating more vegetables. I take daily vitamins as well but I never really thought to add in supplements since I partially thought they were kind of a gimmick. HUM Nutrition contacted me about a month or so ago, and I thought before I can even really say my final opinion on supplements I should probably try them out first. Read more »

27, 06, 2017

The Hot Stone

As someone such as myself who gets 4-5 workouts in during the week, while doing my best to eat healthier by bringing in more veggies and making it a huge point to cook more than eating outside, I sometimes forget that relaxation is a key factor too when it comes to our overall health and well-being. I’ve been into meditation for awhile, and as surprising as it may sound I haven’t further explored other methods of it or really ever thought of massage being a form of it as well. Getting massages regularly not only feel amazing, but they’re proven to alleviate stress, improve flexibility and circulation, lower blood pressure, strengthen your immune system, and help you get better sleep. Read more »

15, 06, 2017

Fly away

There’s no denying that we’re all natural born explorers, so the thought of packing up our bags and traveling around the globe is always undeniably intriguing. To travel and to open up to a new place and culture you knew nothing about is a gift that you give to yourself. What you experience and how you experience it can be, but is never going to be the exact same as someone else on the planet. Building your own memories and discovering the unknown in a new country is what makes travel so amazing. Read more »

14, 06, 2017


They say mother’s are the more nurturing parent, and to agree or disagree with that is completely debatable. I do however believe that our general culture and the media we see influences our way of thinking, and even affects our upbringing to how mothers and fathers should act and play their roles in our lives — and for that I say dads don’t always get the credibility they deserve. Read more »

14, 05, 2017


Since we now live in a very online world with an abundance of apps to choose from, we may not know where to start downloading. Whether you’re a gamer or just someone who likes to keep well organized there’s pretty much an app made for just about anything and anyone to use to it’s full capacity. Here are a list of my 5 favourite apps that I think everyone also needs to have in their phones. Read more »