14, 05, 2017


Since we now live in a very online world with an abundance of apps to choose from, we may not know where to start downloading. Whether you’re a gamer or just someone who likes to keep well organized there’s pretty much an app made for just about anything and anyone to use to it’s full capacity. Here are a list of my 5 favourite apps that I think everyone also needs to have in their phones. Read more »

02, 05, 2017

The twenty-seventeen travel wishlist

Packing for your travels does get easier over time. We may have already learned a few lessons along the way from our mistakes of over-packing, to forgetting to pack a few important things — it’s even worse when you over-pack but you forgot that one important thing! From my personal experiences, these are just a few things everyone should have on their travel wishlist. Read more »

18, 04, 2017


Even as you get older the appetite for living and filling it with adventures and dreams never really dies down, but as responsibilities grow, priorities change. Some people choose to keep their dreams going, or at least put them on hold for a bit, while others choose to believe that they’re only dreams and nothing more. Being a dreamer and a free-spirit especially as an adult aren’t easy when you’re not surrounded by those who are like-minded. Although the people you surround yourself with make a difference, it’s also important to stick up for what you believe in and to never doubt your feelings. Whether we admit it to ourselves or not, adolescence never really goes away. Read more »

21, 03, 2017

A few favourites

Who can believe that it’s already spring?! There might be a lot of you who are looking really puzzled right now since the weather hasn’t exactly been in sync. Aside from this wary weather, new seasons usually equal new discoveries and favourites. What way to start it off with the things that have been helping us stay motivated and on on track with life. Read more »

13, 03, 2017

Mentioning regrets

During our lifetime, we may encounter a few regrets along the way of things we wished we had done differently or hadn’t done at all. Some possibilities could be of missed opportunities we could have taken, or the amount of time we could have spent with a certain someone. Although I personally believe no regret should be hung onto for long, there are certain ways that we may need to deal with and get through some of them in a type of matter. Read more »

23, 02, 2017

All in all essentials

With the mixture of trends and just plain old growing up, it’s funny how we went from carrying around our entire life in an over-sized purse to carrying a small barely-fits-all kind now. Just the thought and looking back on those times of lugging around a huge bag on my shoulder around the city makes me cringe deep into the ground. As I’ve gotten much wiser, living and having things within my needs has been a top priority. I’m sure you’re all aware now of minimalism — I do believe that not everyone can or should have to follow a strict minimalist lifestyle, but rather have elements of it incorporated daily. Read more »

20, 02, 2017

Eat, pray, love & read

As most people grew their interest of reading books at an early age, I only started to really enjoy it going into adulthood. Whether you’re picking up a book to let your imagination soar, or are learning about something new and of value to you, reading is a wonderful essential to add into your daily life. Personally, it’s one of the most therapeutic and relaxing moments in my day. From travel, relationships, and various self-help books — these are some of my more recent reads. Read more »