10, 12, 2015


Instead of my usual “Things To Do” I wanted to change things up for a bit. I believe there are already thousands of great to-do list in many travel books and online for this amazing city that what I say will only be repetitive. So it’s no secret Barcelona is one very special city, in fact it’s one that any wanderluster should consider to cross off on their bucket list. Read more »

12, 11, 2015

In my travel bag

By the time you read this I’ve already jet set off into my next destination (follow my instagram to see where I headed this time). I have a love-hate relationship when it comes to packing since it really puts your minimal packing skills to the ultimate test. I do have to say that after having quite the experiences of packing up and flying away I’m getting a lot better at this! Read more »

04, 11, 2015

Packing liquids for flight

I generally like to pack as light as I can when traveling. The majority of trips I’ve taken consist of only my carry-on, tote, and I. For anyone else who travels this way knows how limiting the space can be especially when it comes to liquid beauty products. We all have our favourites and regimens that we follow day by day so sometimes packing them all up can a bit of a challenge. Read more »

12, 06, 2015

Food Adventures In Montréal

So I went on a recent trip to Montreal and as always had an amazing time! Since I have relatives living there I don’t often go out to eat during my stays since it’s always nice having family dinners with my aunt’s home cooked meals. However this time around I decided to venture off and explore the food world that Montreal has to offer. Read more »

29, 05, 2015

Travel Tips On Flying Solo

It’s almost summer and that means it vacation time for some of us. Since we all run on different availability it can be sometimes difficult to plan trips with friends or family. But if you’re impatient and ballsy such as myself (*wink*) you don’t mind at all to travel on your own. Yes, traveling to a foreign country alone can be scary at first, but in fact a lot of my solo travels were the best and most memorable times I’ve had. I had full control over my trip since I was able to scheduled things on my own terms. If you’re planning to take an adventurous leap on your own then here are a few tips that have helped me have a fun and safe time. Read more »

30, 04, 2015

Rome: Things To Do

The last stop on my trip was Rome, Italy. I went from relaxing/laid-back Sorrento and Positano to the hustle and bustle of the big ancient city. I remember lugging around my bag back and forth on the heavy cobblestones since our B&B guide got the rooms mixed up (wait until you see what room I got!). There is definitely something very special here – maybe it’s the fact that Rome has very much stuck to their roots by keeping all historical places and Read more »

20, 04, 2015

Positano: Things To Do

Out of all the places I was able to visit while in Italy, Positano was definitely the most memorable. I’ve seen photos prior to my visit but just like any new place you see with your own eyes it was still completely different and unexpected. If you don’t know, Positano is a comune on the Amalfi Coast (Costiera Amalfitana) with tons and tons of amazing and breathtaking views. Read more »