24, 09, 2015


We all know your accessories say a lot about you and your style. I’m personally a rings and earrings kind of girl when it comes to adding a little extra to my look. I usually gravitate to the same things every time I go shopping but I recently stepped out of my zone and decided to grab something new.

I originally ordered these chains to wear for a special event which unfortunately didn’t happen since they didn’t arrive on time (the pains of ordering online sometimes). Regardless they are something new that I didn’t have before to add to my accessories collection, and since they were so inexpensive I had to get them both.

By far the cap shoulder chain is a huge favourite of mine. It really does give off a Romeo and Juliet vibe and looks awesome with a strapless dress or even under a casual muscle tank for a modern take on the look.

When body chains were trendy I didn’t by into it at first, but now after owning one I see how versatile they can be. It looks great with [almost] everything. It’s easy to pair with something as casual as a v-neck tee and skinnies or if you are going out for the night with something more formal – either one works out just as well. My favourite way to wear it so far is under clothing where it just shows hints of its daintiness.

Both body chains were purchased from sammydress.com.

7 responses to “Chainy”

  1. Ianne says:

    I agree! I have been eyeing on those chains too but that is really not my style. I just want to try it.

    It looks good on you.


  2. onachicdiet says:

    Ahhh the shoulder one is soo gorge, they look amazing on you x

  3. 8thdaybeauty says:

    Looove the shoulder chain!!

  4. this is so cool i want one!
    love your blog, check out mine https://thriftqueenph.wordpress.com/ thankks, doll ♥

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