12, 06, 2017

Change of frame

With the amount of things happening around the world, and despite it being good or bad — it’s not always easy. We live in a very fast-paced world now that is often times hard to always catch up with. Perhaps I’m biased being a 90s kid and all, but I remember times were a lot easier then compared to now for the new age/wave of millennials. For the sake of our own sanity, I think in times like these are when we need to really find inner peace. Simply taking the time out to find your headspace and relax can do so much more than you think.

It’s crazy how much our interest grow and change overtime. The woman I was 10 years ago would have never really picked up a book (unless it was for school) and found so much enjoyment out of it. Reading has been a big part of my life that once I’m finished with one book, I immediately need to start a new one. As someone who experiences a lot of anxiety, I can say that reading and continuing to grow my knowledge and imagination has helped me cope and take control of it a lot better. I believe as individuals it’s really important to never stop learning and wanting to growing.
Change can be so good.
For the most part, change is a wonderful thing. It’s not something to fear. When it’s not done often we are more prepared for when changes happen so suddenly. That’s why I believe that whenever we get the change to change we should go ahead with it. If you’ve always wanted to see what your hair would look like purple — colour it. If you get an amazing job offer and opportunity to move to a new city — take it. If you found love — take the leap of faith. If you are bored with your style — change it up! I think you’ve gotten the point by now.
Style switch up.
The beauty of fashion is that it’s always changing and we have the option to do whatever we want with it. From my own style phrases in life of punk rock girl, to scene kid, to Japanese wannabe, to young adult — I think it’s safe to say that I’m always trying out and evolving new looks, and all depending on my mood and what is going on in my life. Sometimes all you need are accessories for a quick change things up. I love my rings and earrings, but you may not know that I also love my glasses. Optically has a wide selection of frames to choose from, but I somehow narrowed it down to their Oxydo OX550 OAM model. I’ve recently been very inspired by 1950’s style so I absolutely love the modern take on these frames.

Perhaps I’ve always been a new school kinda girl, but for many years I’ve been an online shopper. I’ve been doing it since I was 17 and I can say that shopping online is so much more convenient than it was back when it first started out (don’t even try to guess my age!). The beauty of online shopping is that everything is organized and laid out for you to see, and quite often the prices are at it’s lowest as well since it comes straight from the source. Optically offers a multitude of brands both big and small designer glasses to choose from. I’ve ordered prescription sunglasses and glasses online a couple of times before, but I can honestly say Optically by far was the easiest to follow along with. Before you checkout they go through each of your needs for your new frames, and let you customize the necessities along the way. Putting in your prescription is also made simple, since you have the choice of entering it in yourself or uploading a document straight from your smartphone or computer. Best of all, if for any reason you’re not happy with your frames, they include free returns as well. Overall, I really appreciate the affordable prices on both the men’s and women’s glasses since I’m one who likes to play around with different styles, and every once in awhile get of our my comfort zone and experiment with a new look as well.

The right frames.

Choosing the best styles that suit you can be sometimes tricky. If you follow along with this guideline from Optically it will give you a better idea of what you need to look out for.

If your face shape is…
Round — Rectangular frames would be most suitable.
Oval — Most frames suit this face shape; size is the most important point when deciding here.
Triangular — Rectangular frames would be most suitable.
Square — Oval or round frames would be most suitable.
Rectangular — Oval and round frames would be most suitable with medium – or larger-sized models.

How do you like to switch things up with your look?

This post was sponsored by Optically.ca. All opinions are my very own.

6 responses to “Change of frame”

  1. Velvet Blush says:

    I picked up some new glasses recently too, but I think the frame is too big for my face 🙁 Yours look great on you! I like switching things up with my makeup (so brighter/dark lip shades depending on the weather), or just by dressing up a bit more sometimes 🙂 xx

    Velvet Blush

    • Stacey says:

      I think big frames are really cute though! This is actually my first pair of bigger frames and it helps that it doesn’t get in the way of my vision 🙂
      I need to start playing around with more colours with makeup again since winter was a big downer and made me not want to do much with my face. Coral pinks sound good about now!

  2. I love those frames on you! The gold is gorgeous and I love the black around the edges but not the entire frame. So cute and chic!

  3. I don’t wear prescription glasses but those frames look amazing on you. They really suit your face and that gold one is so chic looking. Lovely picks! x

    • Stacey says:

      Well then you’re very lucky girl hahah, luckily I only need them for distance but even so if it were up to me I’d be glassless

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