24, 11, 2015

Cho kawaii box

If you know me I’ve always held Japan dearest to my heart ever since it’s had such a big influence on my life. Besides the unique culture and amazingly delicious food, you got to appreciate all their random and cute things that you can find on the busy streets of Tokyo. Just when you thought everything has already been done – think again! So when I had the chance to review the Kawaii Box monthly subscription box you bet I was super excited to see what goodies were in store.

In the October month’s box I received eleven kawaii items:

  • Meiji DIY Sushi-Bar Gummies – Although I don’t like when candy is shaped into other delicious foods since candy isn’t half as good as the real thing it’s still a pretty cute idea.
  • Animal Sticker Sheet – You can never ever go wrong with stickers especially when they are this cute and in 2D animal form.
  • Neko Emoji Mini Pouch – I’m a pure sucker when it comes to these adorable tiny trinkets that make me squeal like a girl!
  • Jewelry Seal Deco Stickers – I know that my younger self would have appreciated these more but as of now I find these deco stickers to be a tad outdated for my taste.
  • Popcorn Rolling Stamp Set – I’m very much into decorating and creating my own cards and letters so this set might come in handy but maybe not either…it’s just a bit too kiddy.
  • Heart Shaped Nail Flakes – Not sure if I will actually use these on my nails but I would for when I do make cards and get crafty.
  • Unchi-Kun Poop Lollipop – I think the cute poop culture in Japan or generally in Asia will never be understood but I personally think it’s hella cute and funny!
  • Pattern Envelope Set – Like I’ve mentioned previously I love to create and customize my own cards so this will definitely go to good use.
  • Finger Family Monster Pouch – As of recent I’ve been carrying around much smaller purses when I go out so I’ve been opting for pouches like these ones to carry around any IDs, club cards, and loose change where ever I go.
  • Lollipop Pen – Cute pen, I do wish it were a real lollipop instead though.
  • Flan Dakigurumi Plush Pouch – Probably the weirdest and most random thing for me to receive in this subscription box that actually made me laugh out loud…I will probably give this away to any of my little nieces though.

Of all the items I received my most favourite were the Neko Emoji pouch, Finger Family pouch, and pattern envelope set which were solely based on what would come useful to me. As for my least favourite items they were the Flan Dakigurumi plush pouch, Jewelry Seal deco stickers, and the Popcorn rolling stamp set.
* Do keep in mind I’m a woman in my twenties so some of these things don’t make sense in my life as of now (lol).

I love the concept of this box and I haven’t yet seen or known of one as cute as this subscription box before. With the holidays just around the corner I would definitely recommend this subscription box as a gift to Japanese cultural lovers, tweens/teens, or to anyone who just loves cute and very random things. Do we ever really grow out of these cute things though? Honestly at any age, receiving this box would put a smile or laugh on someone’s face.

To get your hands on your own Kawaii Box visit their website here.

12 responses to “Cho kawaii box”

  1. This is absolutely adorable! I can’t see myself needing these things, but it’s definitely very cute!


  2. Keri says:

    Ohmygosh this stuff is so cute! What a unique box subscription. Seriously what’s not to love. Japanese things are just too darn cute!

    Enclothed Cognition

  3. Irene says:

    Amazing post! I love it:)


  4. behappyxxx says:

    So cute! I’ve always wanted to get a subscription to a kawaii box, but I feel like I’d end up with a bunch of things I wouldn’t use.

  5. iamserenel says:

    hehe, this is so adorable! I want to go back to my teen days 😛

    Serene | I Am Serene L

  6. MK says:

    Wow I’ve never heard of this box before, maybe I should make one too as Japanese..! lol
    Have you ever been to 100yen shop (like dollar shop) in Japan? You can get so so many kawaii stuff over there, I always spend hours whenever I go back :p

    • Stacey says:

      Hahah you should!! I will be your first subscriber 😀
      Yessss I lovvvvveeeee donkihote!!! When I went I didn’t know where to start haha, it was heaven <33

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