04, 11, 2014

Cosmetics From Germany!

Last week I received a very thoughtful package from my very good friend from Germany! I seriously did not expect all these goodies nor the package itself (she was very sneaky!). I got really excited and needed to do a quick review on what I got from my lovely and amazing friend! I think most of the products she included are German or at least brands from Europe, with one brand from America. So take a look at what she sent me!

Alterra Naturkosmetik Beauty Balm
I get excited when I’m introduced to new beauty balms! The colour is a little too light for me at the moment, but I had to try it out anyways. Not only did it apply easily, but it covered up imperfections so well. It had a slight initial sunscreen scent, but that went away as it warmed up on my skin.

Biocura Beauty Lip Gloss Color & Care in #10
If I had to pick a makeup weakness it is definitely my love for lip glosses. What’s great about this gloss is that it’s very easy to build if you want an intense colour. I love the very subtle glitters and how this gloss isn’t sticky.

Astor Skin Match Blush in Berry Brown
This blush quad is something I would have definitely picked out for myself. These colours blend very well on my skin, hence the name “skin match”. I’m going to get a lot of use out of this one for the fall and winter!

Agnes B Travel Brush Set
My friend mentioned that this brand is from France, but since she knows I like travel size products she thought to include this in my gift package (how sweet!). Not only are the brushes super cute, but surprisingly they are very soft against the skin.

Maybelline Super Stay 24HR Lip Stain in Boundless Berry
Even though this isn’t a German brand either, I was happy to receive this since the Maybelline lip stains have been my favourite since they first came out. Berry lip colours are my “thang” so she did great when picking a colour! I have 5 of these already so here’s another pretty one to add to my collection.

Rival de Loop Young Nail Polish in #05 Blue Lagoon
I had never heard of this brand so I was really eager to try this one. The colour is so unique – like a metallic blue but in different lighting can look greenish as well! Can’t wait to wear this sometime soon.

Essence All About Nude Eyeshadow Palette
There is nothing better than a nude travel size palette. Essence not too long ago started distributing their products here; however the selection isn’t very broad. So it was awesome to receive this palette that I’ve never seen in stores. These eyeshadows are such great quality that I may need to go more in-depth about this palette in the future!

Labello Lip Butter in Raspberry Rose
I’ve hear many great things about these Labello Lip Butters so this one had me excited the most of the bunch!  It’s already with me everywhere I go…I think I might have been introduced to a new obsession. It lasts super long throughout the day and the smell is to die for!

My friend also included some samples for me to try (Eucerin Anti-Aging Volume-Filler & Charlotte Meentzen Kräutervital Vitamin-Tagescreme). I mean who doesn’t love samples??

Big thanks to Kati who really didn’t have to put this together! Danke! I am very grateful for these wonderful gifts!

What are your favourite beauty or makeup products from Germany? Have you tried any of the products above? If so I’d love to know your experiences with them!

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  1. Kati says:

    I´m so happy that you´re like the products 🙂 I really hope you will have a lot of fun with all of them 😀 many huggs :-*

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