11, 05, 2015

Current Beauty Favourites| May

Even though it’s only May a lot of the spring days we’ve been having been feeling a lot like summer! So as the season has changed so does our makeup. We may be getting more tanned again so we need to make a few adjustments to what we are using on our face, or it could solely just be the way we are feeling and found products we’d like to switch up. In my case, I have just been finding or going back to products that I know work and make it easier in my routine.

Make Up For Ever Full Cover Concealer | Beige 8
I had this concealer for awhile but I just discovered it again and love it a lot more this time around. It covers everything it needs to cover while looking as if you hadn’t put anything on at all. I apply this in a dabbing motion on blemishes and in the under eye area for a very flawless look.

e.l.f. Studio Contouring Blush & Bronzing Cream | St. Lucia
This is another product I have rediscovered in my collection and love it to bits. If I can learn to cut time on getting ready makeup-wise I’m all about that life every chance I get. I mainly use the bronzing cream in this palette since it’s super easy to apply, fast to blend, and gives you the perfect bronzed glow.

Toto Beau Matte Liquid Lipstick | Turn On
I’ve mentioned it before but this has made me fall in love with red lips since I normally shy away from bright colours that make the pout stand out. Maybe it’s the matte finish that gives it that Taylor Swift vibe, but I can see this red looking good on a lot of skin tones. What I love most is the formula since it’s easy to apply and possible to do without a lip liner. (See swatches here.)

MAC Lip Pencil | Soar
I can never ever find a drugstore brand of lip liner that I absolutely love. I have spent money on trying to find “the one” but have failed every time. So I decided to branch out into a MAC store, and super happy that I did. This is definitely a “your lips but better” colour if you have more pigmented lips. I’m in love!

ColourPop Lippie Stix | Brink
Pairing this with the MAC Soar lip liner is a makeup dream come true. This colour is very flattering and the matte finish surprisingly doesn’t make your lips look dry, but it does emphasize fine lines – however it can be avoided by applying it in a dabbing motion. In my opinion this is the perfect everyday colour. (See swatches here.)

Missha 7 Days Tinted Eyebrow | Sinopia Brown
This has saved me sooo much time getting ready every morning. It kind of works like a self-tanner where it leaves a tint to your brows for up to 7 days. It makes it look as if my brows are naturally thicker than they really are. So when I’m not feeling a strong brow like I normally do, this alone is good enough on it’s own. (See swatches here.)

Eyeko Brow Gel
Even though I use the Missha 7 Days Tinted Eyebrow I like to add just a bit of extra oomph of contrast, and something to help keep my eyebrows in tack since they tend to get a bit wild at times. This eyebrow gel helps keep everything in place while giving the brows a very nice and natural tint that I believe would suit most hair colours.

Essence Lash Princess Volume Mascara
There has been circulation online about this mascara being great so I needed to try it out – so I’m obsessed now. My lashes will not stay perky without a waterproof mascara so I layer this on top of my favourite Maybelline’s The Rocket, which are pure gold together since The Rocket lengthens and Lash Princess adds the very needed volume.

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