20, 11, 2014

Current Favourite Hair Care

I thought I’d share products that have recently made their way into my hurr curr routine (yup, it’s me trying to be cute). In general, my hair is pretty stubborn so when I do find those products that work wonders on my hair I just need to tell the world (they could possibly help you out as well!). A little background on my hair: naturally curly, dry, frizzy, and course. Alright, check out these products!

Bed Head TIGI Urban Antidotes Resurrection Shampoo & Conditioner
I was recommended this product at my local beauty supply and I’m super impressed with this set! This is exactly what my hair needed to feel alive again. Besides the healthier look and feel of my hair, I love how I have finally found a shampoo that’s scent lingers on my hair until the next wash.

Schwarzkopf BC Color Freeze Treatment
Since I’m no longer a blonde and have opted for a light brown shade instead, I’ve been all about maintaining this new colour. I do weekly treatments regardless, but this one does 2 things at once – protects your colour from fading quick and leaves your hair super soft and moisturized.

LUSH No Drought Dry Shampoo
I’ve tried a few dry shampoos in my day but this one by far has been my favourite since it leaves my scalp feeling refreshed, and helps to fluff my hair back into place without any weigh down. The best part is that the scent doesn’t transform into anything funky at the end of the day.

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