30, 01, 2017

Dressing for the occasion

The words ‘formal attire’ can make any everyday person’s mind go into a boggle. If you’re not one to usually attend special events where formality is required, then figuring out what to wear can leave you in a bit of a panic attack. Dressing up for the occasion is much harder to get right than casual wear, as a lot of women find that they feel less confident in such smart clothing than they do when sporting a more casual look. To feel and look good whenever you dress up really shouldn’t be that difficult.

Pick an outfit that you love
One of the most important things when it comes to looking and feeling good is wearing an outfit that you already love. It’s always a big mistake to wear something that you aren’t 100 percent sure about in the first place. You’ll end up with a lot of doubts in your mind, which will show and be easily read on the outside on how uncomfortable you are in your clothing. And if you must go shopping for a dress, I suggest sticking to fabrics and silhouettes that you already know work well with your body shape. By wearing something that you feel happy in, you will find that not only are you more confident but you also will be having a more enjoyable time.

Use accessories to add more style
If you’ve decided to wear an outfit that’s somewhat plain or in the safe zone, you may be wondering if it’s exciting enough for the occasion at hand. A simple way to jazz up any look is by pairing it with some stylish and well thought out accessories. Ideally, it’s nice to have one statement accessory and perhaps a few minimal items to go along with it. A silver clutch bag as the statement piece could work well, and then a few less eye-catching pieces, such as a simplistic necklace, earrings, or bracelets – as well as a stylish pair of heels to take the look up a notch.

Make an effort with your hair and makeup
When it comes to dressing up for an occasion, how your hair and makeup looks are a big part of it all. It’s important to take the time for yourself – it’s one of the few days in the year that you look and feel extra special. Pamper yourself by bringing your hair and makeup look together. If you’re not sure what hairstyle or makeup would suit well with your outfit – prior to the event – look online for options. If you really want to prepare, spend some time practicing your hair and makeup skills beforehand so that on the night you’re a little bit more stress-free.

How do you prepare yourself for formal events?

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  3. Una pasada de post. La verdad. Me encanta. Un besazooo.

  4. Great tips! I love to go with something simple that fits well – you can change it to be more versatile based on the accessories that you use! That dress is a gorgeous colour by the way!

  5. I so rarely have the opportunity to dress formally, so when I do I really like to go all out. I love making an effort with my hair and makeup. It really adds to the experience!

  6. thanks for sharing

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