17, 09, 2015

Early fall fashion

With only one week away – I’ve mentioned before that although the temperatures are much cooler I do love Autumn the most of all the seasons. Aside from the colourful falling of leaves and being able to cozy up while sipping on a soy chai latte – the fashion is simply on point. This is the time when fashion is at its best since it’s so much more versatile and easy to layer up and down flawlessly.

For me nothing beats the look of a over-sized sweater paired with a cute fitted skirt, stockings, a little black bag, and finished off with a pair of oxford heels. Fall generally to me is a very romantic season, so the colour selection at this time is another favourite since we tend to be more drawn to warmer colours and tones. A lot of us end up wearing a lot of beige, greys, browns, olive green, pops of mustard and jewel tones, and of course tons and tons of black.

We’ve been pretty lucky over here to be having very few signs of fall arriving; with daytime temperatures still feeling a lot like summer it seems the heat will be staying with us for just a few more days or perhaps even weeks. As much as I’m eager to the fall fashion I don’t mind at all waiting just a bit more for it to official kick in :]

OOTD: H&M Oversized Sweater [alternative], Forever21 Fitted Texture Mini Skirt [similar], Zara Solid Stockings, ASOS Double Compartment Cross Body Bag [here], Call It Spring Oxford Heels [similar].

Anyone else excited about the fall style? If not fashion, what are you excited about for about the coming fall?

4 responses to “Early fall fashion”

  1. Swati Dixit says:

    I love over sized sweaters too!:D This look is perfect as a transitional outfit! 🙂

  2. 8thdaybeauty says:

    Love it. Totally an outfit I’d wear !

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