13, 02, 2015

El Arte en la Moda

As nice as it is to have clothing and accessories that have been mass produced; ever so often it’s fun to go outside that box and discover other shops out there. Whether it’s at a local boutique or online, finding that unique piece is always a reward. I’m a sucker for custom art so when I came across Molín Solitario I fell in love with their poetic and fashionable designs.

I’m trying not to sound cheesy here, but when I had a first glimpse of their designs I had a sudden rush of inspiration and happiness. The images and quotes on each piece are not only beautiful, but truly special. Even if you don’t understand Spanish, I’m sure there is a certain ease you feel just looking at these, am I right?

I love bags, all kinds of them, including totes. I especially loved this one for it’s adorable phrase, which honestly is hard to translate into English but it literally means, “sleep as if nothing because nevertheless you are”.

Visit the Molín Solitario website by clicking the image below for more goodies. Or you can also check out their Etsy (in English).

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