24, 04, 2015

Fabriqué en France | Gifts

I’ve never been to France (hopefully someday) however my cousin was touring around Nice and was generous enough to come back with some wonderful goodies! We all have a few beauty items that are from or made in France that were paid with good money and are the most reliable products you own (I can’t live without my Clarins Eye Contour Gel and Bioderma Sébium H2O). Let’s go through my souvenir gifts from France!

Fragonard Parfum Solide | Frivole
I admit I’m not always the best when it comes to international brands so when I received this I was pretty intrigued since I’ve never heard of Fragonard or tried a solid perfume before. Why we don’t have these for our favourite scents here in North America is a big mystery since they are a lot more convenient to carry around and includes super cute packaging. It’s staying power and the way it gives off the scent is just the same as a liquid perfume. I love how it’s easy to throw into your purse, makeup bag, pocket (although I wouldn’t recommend that) for extra touch ups.

Fragonard Savon Parfumé | Lavande
Lavender soap feels almost mandatory to have in your bathroom. This one specifically smells extra nice, and even though the smell is strong it’s also surprisingly gentle to the nose. I do prefer solid soaps over liquid soaps so I’m looking forward to using this one in the shower.

Fleurs Lavande
It’s been a long time since I’ve had any potpourri hanging around. Potpourri always reminds me of my house when growing up, and my mom would have these displayed on little dishes around the house; so receiving this made me appreciate it all over again. The lavender scent is perfect for when I need to a little pick me up to relax; it’s also nice to place into a drawer full of clothes or somewhere where you want the smell to linger onto.

Savon de Marseille (Olive Soap)
I was most excited about this one just because I’ve grown to really love natural oils for skincare. What I love about olive oil is that it cleanses without stripping skin’s natural oils. If you’re wondering, I have very oily skin and olive oil has not made me any oilier than without them. Olive oil also allows skin to sweat and shed cells naturally unlike a lot of the regular heavily chemicalized soaps you’d find out there in the market.

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