22, 09, 2015

Fall/Winter nail colours

After an entire season of bright [or in my case zero to minimal] nail polish being worn for summer, I’m sure a lot of us are finally ready to tone down yet spruce up a new look for the fall and winter. What perfect way to get back into the neutrals and deep hues than with these sophisticated colours. On the fall and winter runways darker toned nails weren’t the only things appearing – glitters, mattes, asymmetrical designs, and satins were stealing the show.

Kit | Nude Jude
A nude nail always works no matter what season, but to make it a little more interesting I love the look of a matte nude nail. There was definitely a lot of spotting on runways of this nail with lines of gold and silver glitter designs for more pizazz.

Butter London | West End Wonderland
Speaking of glitter – it’s in your face and here to stay for the coming seasons! As you may or may not know I’m a freak when it comes to anything gold, so I’m more than glad to be playing around with West End Wonderland in the chiller temperatures.

OPI | Boris & Natasha
Into the darker hues – if you want something a little more unique than a dark red this is the perfect alternative. It’s an unexpected dark burgundy plum that looks super gorgeous on every skin tone.

OPI | Going My Way Or Norway?
Depending on your skin tone this can appear as a light or a dark warm caramel colour, either which looks beautiful on the nails. If you are a nude nails kind of girl and want to change it up, this is a colour you may want to really think about adding into your collection.

OPI | Glamour Game
I almost forgot I had this pale metallic champagne colour laying in my collection so I’m glad I rediscovered it! It’s a very classy nail polish that easily goes from day to night in an instant.

Essence | Gorgeous Bling Bling
Recently I’ve been having an obsession with burnt orange tones and this is the perfect colour that fits in with my beauty needs. I could honestly do without the tiny specs of glitter in this one but overall it’s going to be a favourite of mine throughout fall.

Essie | Sew Psyched
Green can be a scary colour to wear as a nail polish and not many know or think they can pull it off, but with the right tones such as this khaki green it can look amazing on just about everyone.

China Glaze | Black Diamond
Black Diamond is regular black’s hotter sister and you know it! This is definitely in my top 5 favourite nail polishes from my collection since it’s gunmetal shimmers add a lot of new kick to plain old black.

Nicka K | Red Hot
Just as the name entitles – it’s red hot and really does have a lot to say. I’ve tried this one with a matte top coat over as well and it tones the red down a lot, but it’s a unique twist to the overall look.

Let me know what are the nail colours you’ve recently been reaching for a lot! xo.

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  1. Jasmine says:

    I like the Boris & Natasha. I have a color like that but its called “Got the blues for red”. Its perfect for fall.

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