21, 10, 2015

Finding womance

Perhaps some of you ladies can agree that finding a womance (the female equivalent of bromance) is a diamond in the rough. Coming from my experience, meeting that ride or die chick who will be there no matter what challenges lie ahead not only takes time but also a lot of trial and error. Naturally people’s values and ideas are constantly evolving so friends growing apart often happens.

In the last two years I’ve really gotten to know myself and was lucky enough to explore the things many people either don’t have the courage to do or just aren’t in any place to do so. With that being said there are those friends who will support you and your decisions while others just don’t see your point of view. Making cuts in your social surroundings can be one of the hardest things to do, especially when we tend to put past and sentimental memories upfront. This is fine but we need to consider if those past memories are really worth it in the long run. If you do decide to start fresh then good for you! This is your chance to start with a clean slate and meet new and exciting people that share your similar values and interest.

What I’ve learned is that it’s actually a lot harder to make friends as you get older since a lot of people have already built their circle(s). It can be tricky at times but it’s not impossible to break into a new crowd. Although I’m still figuring it out myself, I believe just keeping positive will always draw new people in.

Don’t be afraid to approach

Making new friends is a lot like dating – sometimes you will be accepted and other times you will be rejected. Keep in mind every city and the people in it are all different. If I can be completely honest I find it a bit tricky to make new friends in my city of Toronto compared to other cities I’ve been to, however since Toronto is such a diverse city you can meet people from all over the world. A lot of the best people I’ve met are from a different countries and even until this day we still keep in touch. Making a new womance does take time. You may get funny looks or people questioning your sexuality (it happens!) but once you make it clear that your out to make some new friends a lot of people will be flattered and possibly want to get to know you more as well.

Beware of the Driend

Driends are the people you meet while intoxicated which is how a lot of us meet new people. So what’s the problem? Well have you ever met a really cool chick who you had great conversations with and was such a blast to be around, but then you realize that the next time you met up with her she was a completely different person? Without the alcohol she was actually more standoffish than easy-going. No where am I near being against drinking socially but the affects of alcohol can really alter someone’s personalty. If you want to make lasting friendships probably attending meetups or doing your favourite activities such as zumba, art, or hiking are your best bet.

Online womance

Like dating it can be difficult or inconvenient to meet people from going out so getting online is another great option. Looking for nothing but friendships online can be tricky; it’s still out there so take a look around at online communities where you can connect with people close by or even cities away. I’ve made a few womances from online and they’ve been really great! A lot of people get the idea that distance cannot bring people close together, but I beg to differ. The online womances that I do have have gotten us close since we share a lot of what is going on in our lives – along with that we also express our joys, our worries, and even our aspirations. Every now and then we video chat, send emails, or even send out snail mail packages to each other. Connecting with someone online can really surprise you!

Are you in a womance or do you have any other advice on starting one?

8 responses to “Finding womance”

  1. iamserenel says:

    Loved reading this! Hahah We definitely need a good womance in our lives! I’ve met a lot of lovely bloggers through the internet who have become really close friends to me & I currently am in a womance with my best friend, we’ve been friends since highschool 🙂

    Serene | I Am Serene L

    • Stacey says:

      Hah I’m glad you enjoyed reading! You’re very lucky to be in a long term womance 😉 I’ve had a few but in the end they never worked out 😛

  2. Kelsey says:

    I love this post! The bulk of my friends are dudes but always wish I had a mini girl squad. Unfortunately it can get so dramatic and the boys are normally pretty chill.

    • Stacey says:

      Hahha I feel you, I do have more close guys friends than of close girlfriends. We both just haven’t found the right womances yet

  3. I definitely think we all need a good womance, my best friend and I are really close but I’d definitely like to add a few more female friendships to my life.


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