26, 06, 2015

Get Over Insomnia

Many of us have experienced insomnia at some point in our lives (if not then lucky you!) and have had a hard time dealing and figuring out how to get rid of it. You can be tired but spend hours on end lying or constantly tossing and turning in bed without being able to fall asleep. In my case I would wake up every hour or so and just couldn’t get back to sleep. Everyone has different extremes and different ways, but these are the methods I’ve used and continue to use to avoid insomnia from disturbing my rest.

Phone Curfew

Nowadays it’s rare to find someone who isn’t attached at the hip to their phone. For myself I make it a “strict” rule that after 10PM the phone goes on silent. Yes, that means no more curiously checking up on social networks and email because this is my time to get away from it all and relax. But if you really must use your phone for whatever reason there are free apps such as Bluelight Filter (android only) and Blue Light Filter Guard that hide away the blue lights that keep your brain awake and active at night.


There was a time I was extremely sleep deprived and probably got only 4 hours of on and off sleep each night. I was so desperate and tired of my insomnia but I wanted to try other solutions first before ever seeking help from a sleep clinic. I know aromatherapy isn’t a cure but it does help in little ways. Every night I spray a bit of Bath & Body Works Sleep Pillow Mist and the scent does help me get into a sleeper mood.

Crinkle, Crinkle

Some people may think this is a bit weird but I think it’s pretty awesome and has probably helped cured 80% of my insomnia; and it is ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response). There are tons and tons of ASMR videos on YouTube with all types of sounds, voices, and even different scenarios (if you want to really get into details). I’m a simple woman and so the sound of crinkling wrappers and paper seems to automatically get me to fall sleep. So most nights I will make sure I turn on my Bluelight Filter on my phone, play a 30 minute ASMR video, then off to dream world I go.

Books & Ebooks

Last but not least, if I’m not doing the above then I’m reading a book or as of right now I’m listening to an ebook. Although I may start to dose off very often and never really get to even finish a chapter, or at least stay awake for one, it still works.

Dig Deeper

Often the problems of not being able to get a good night’s rest all lies on what is happening in your life. Did you recently have a traumatic experience? Do you struggle with anxiety or depression? Are you under a lot of pressure or stress? Any of these could be the underlining factors to why you can’t get any rest. Although these may not be easy fixes, knowing what is going on in your head can really help. I personally struggle with anxiety and have found one particular app I like to turn to when I’m feeling down or anxious called Pacifica. It’s a simple app that asks you everyday how you’re feeling while bringing good thoughts into your head with helpful advice; along with soothing sounds with breathing and even mental exercises. If you’ve not into the app thing, simply talking to someone you trust is always the best option.

It’d be nice to share tips so if you suffer or have suffered from insomnia what methods have you tried to get through it?

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