15, 09, 2015

Pearly White With PerlaCoco

With so many teeth whitening products and methods out there it can become overwhelming at times. Have no fear – I’m here to help you out as much as I can! I’ve tried them all – getting it done professionally at the dentist, whitening tooth pastes, at-home kits, and that’s just to name a few. By far the most natural and easiest at-home remedy was oil pulling though.

If you haven’t heard of oil pulling it’s an ancient dental technique that has you swishing a spoonful of oil in your mouth for about 15-20 minutes which helps to draw out the toxins from your body, and that includes oral health benefits as well. Oil pulling helps with halitosis sufferers (bad breath), prevents gum diseases, helps TMJ sufferers, acne sufferers, sleep problems and sinus issues, and of course helps to naturally whiten teeth.

Oil pulling is not a first for me but when PerlaCoco contacted me to review their product I was intrigued. To be honest at first I thought, why can’t anyone just buy a jar of coconut oil and do this themselves? But just a few days in I totally got it. I stopped oil pulling in the first place because I just kept forgetting to do it, plus it didn’t come in a convenient sized container for me to carry around when I traveled. As silly as it may sound to some, PerlaCoco’s cute packaging reminded me to go whiten my teeth every single day. The fact that it’s a [literally fits anywhere] travel friendly and pre-measured package makes it convenient and wonderful to use.

I especially love the kick of mint in their coconut oil formula, since it makes it just a tad more pleasant to swish around before the 15 minutes are up. I’ve been doing this routine before I go to bed and since talking is impossible in the time being, it has helped me to learn to sit back and relax.

PerlaCoco has made oil pulling very convenient again so I can’t wait to continue on with this healthy and overall beneficial teeth whitening method. You can use the code “bambi” to receive a sweet discount at checkout when you order from them here!

8 responses to “Pearly White With PerlaCoco”

  1. Roci says:

    Oh my, this looks awesome!

  2. blushandsuch says:

    Whoa! I’ve never heard of this, it gave great results!

  3. amaizylife says:

    The uses for coconut oil are truly endless haha! You might have mentioned this, but do you do this before or after brushing your teeth?

  4. pritushrey says:

    You look so pretty 🙂 Love your body chain :*

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