28, 03, 2017

Greenery in the hood

Awhile ago Pantone released their Colour of the Year for 2017—Greenery—which truly represents what we look forward going into spring. As stated on the their website, Greenery’s zesty-green shade symbolizes new beginnings, and that this life-affirming shade is emblematic of the pursuit of personal passion and vitality. All in all, it’s the perfect excuse to rock out to some gorgeous green tones if you ask me!

It’s been awhile since playing around with some fun eyes looks, but creating this look with all Arbonne It’s All in the Eyes Shadows inspired by Greenery has really brought back my love for colour. Speaking of which, since brown eyes are so common, does anyone else feel like their brown eyes can get kind of boring? Perhaps I needed that spice up—I almost forgot how wearable greens can be,and how much they really make any shade of brown eyes pop! Arbonne also sent over some Greenery inspired Colour Pairing shades as well to fully complete this eye makeup.

The look & the hood.
I used Solar (a shimmery true gold) as the base before applying the main event, Forest (khaki green shimmer) all over my lids. I then smoked out the look using Sequoia (warm milk chocolate brown) in the crease, and blended it out using Solar again. Quartz (matte muted pink) was unfortunately too light on my skin tone, but I used it anyway as a minimal brow highlight. To finish it all off, I used a mixture of Solar, Forest, and Arbonne’s It’s a Fine Line Pencil Eye Liner in the shade Sage (army green with reflects of gold) on the lower lash line.

For any hooded eyed ladies out there, you’d know how much of a struggle it can be to really let your eye makeup pull through. There have been times when I spent hours (okay, a bit of an exaggeration but you know what I mean) on a look only to realize it wasn’t even as visible as I thought. Even after attending makeup school, you don’t really know what works the best until you work as a makeup artist and even practice on yourself. I still haven’t mastered my own look, but some advice that has helped…

Tips & tricks for hooded eyes

1. When applying eyeshadows always work your way up and out to elongate the look of your eyes.

2. Always apply eyeshadows a little bit higher on your eyelid and crease space so that the colours don’t completely disappear.

3. When wearing false lashes, choose natural styles (my favourites are the Ardell 110) and nothing too long or dramatic all around. Lashes that are too long can drown and weigh down your eyes more.

4. Matte eyeshadows are your best friend, but it’s totally fine to wear satin or shimmery shades as well. However when applying them, try to stay within your lid space and nothing past your crease since anything higher can create unwanted highlight to the most hooded part of your eyes.

5. My favourite trick: Take a matte bronzer and contour the crease to create more depth for larger looking eyes.

What’s your eye shape and have you figured out any useful makeup tricks to make them really stand out?

4 responses to “Greenery in the hood”

  1. Love this eye shadow look! Green is one of my favourite colours and I was so excited when they announced that it was going to be colour of the year. I’m not sure what my eye shape is… I think they’re hooded? I’ve never really noticed to be honest LOL.

    Love your pics!


    • Stacey says:

      Hahahah I think you’re a fellow hooded sister as well! Our eyes are the best 😛 And I’m usually a fan of olive greens but this limeish green is really growing on me!

  2. That makeup look is just stunning babe! Love the touch of green, it suits your eyes so well. And gorgeous photos fo the eyeshadows too, haha want them all! Xx


    • Stacey says:

      Thanks so much girl! I don’t normally touch colour but it was lots of fun to play around with. It’s nice to change things up and get inspired again you know 🙂

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