13, 09, 2016


Whether your hair is straight, curly, or wavy – we all have our issues when it comes to our own hair textures. We may have questions to why supermodels seem to always have great hair, even on their days off. It’s because they’re privy to all the latest treatments and style expertise of the professionals. They also look after their locks, because their hair is after all a part of their brand. Here are a few secrets to Gisele’s bouncing blonde barnet or Miranda Kerr’s glossy brunette locks.

If you want to grow your hair long while still keeping it healthy and bouncy, you’re going to have to treat it well. There’s nothing worse than long hair that’s brittle, broken, and thinning at the bottom. You should always use a protective spray when blow drying and indulge in a deep conditioning treatment twice a week. Use a professional brand such as Philip Kingsley or Kevin Murphy or a good drugstore brand such as Aussie. Make sure you have washed your hair before applying any treatment mask. Apply the treatment all over your hair from scalp to ends, and instead of rubbing it in, use a comb to brush it through, so it penetrates every strand. The trick is to then heat a damp towel in the microwave for 15 seconds and then wrap it around your hair in a turban. Leave for at least thirty minutes or more for a salon-style deep condition. If you prefer to use a natural treatment both olive oil and coconut oil also work well for a good conditioning treatment for your hair.

For better results, it’s good to have a few tools and tricks of the trade up your sleeve. A great curling iron or curling wand will guarantee super fast results for a more polished hairstyle. It will only take about fifteen minutes to create laid back waves when you use a curling wand. To get the beachy waves that often rocked on the runway, curl your hair in loosely in large two-inch sections. When you’ve curled each section, you can then leave them to set while you do your makeup. Then shake them out and apply volumizing hairspray to give them hold and body. If you want super sleek hair, use a straightening iron in sections and add a shine serum to finish. Also, for both looks, play around with side and centre partings, and half up/half down styles.

Our last tip is not to underestimate the power that health and nutrition have on the look of your hair. High-intensity workouts help rid your body of toxins and this, in turn, helps stop your hair from drying out. Exercise also helps to deplete stress levels, and high stress can have an impact on hair growth and even cause hair loss. Nutrition also plays a big part in having healthy hair. For thick, shiny hair you need to make sure you are eating enough protein, iron, vitamin C and omega-3. These vitamins can help open up hair follicles and carry oxygen to hair cells to promote glossier shinier hair all over.

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  1. Pablo Parra (Fungi) says:

    Súper buenos tips para el cuidado del cabello y para su nutrición y crecimiento 😉 Eso sí, en Barcelona es un poco (por no decir muy difícil) cuidarlo debido a la HORRIBLE calidad del agua, jaja!

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    Great post!!
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  3. Great post, I think people forget how important nutrition is. I recently started using argan oil for my hair and it really helps a lot. I need to get more hair masks, they works wonders xx


  4. wendee says:

    brilliant tips. thanks for sharing


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