30, 10, 2014

Halloween Movie Playlist

For those of you who’d rather make it a warm night in, or even those who want to watch a few good Halloween films before heading out to party – these are some of my favourite scaries [and not so scaries] to get into the Halloween spirit! In no particular order, here are my go-to movie picks for an enjoyable night.

Death Becomes Her

I usually like to start with a light Halloween film before diving more into a bone-shaker.  This is a fun classic horror film about immortality, love (the control it has), and how vanity can get the best of us. Also watching beautiful Meryl Streep and Goldie Hawn as a duo are total eye candies for everyone!

Shaun Of the Dead

Every Halloween movie night should include at least one film with zombies. I’ll admit it, zombies pretty much terrify me, but since this plot picks fun at the entire zombie movie population, this movie is so worth the watch. Even if we’re not in the Halloween season I can watch this film over and over again.

Session 9

If you guessed by now, I’m not so much into the typical ghost and slaughter Halloween flicks. This story does start off a bit slow, but once it climbs towards the action it is one stunner of a film. There is nothing cheesy or overly-dramatic about this film, it feels so close to being real – making it eerie approved for a great Halloween movie.

Dead Alive (AKA Braindead)

Another Halloween comedy on my list, however this one is just pure genius. My emotions are conflicted every time I watch this film. I find myself being terrified yet crying of laughter at the same time. If you ask me, that is one amazing feeling! That being said, you really do need a sense of humor to get through this film. This one’s super enjoyable with a close company of friends.


If you are looking for something outside your typical American style horror film – look no further. You can never go wrong with an Asian horror flick…well maybe you can, but there are a lot of amazing ones out there (including this film)! This features three different short films created by all different directors. It’s not so much scary as than disturbing; so if you want to try something outside your comfort zone, watch this!

The Craft

Before Mean Girls there was The Craft. If you were a tween/teenager in the mid-90s you know that this movie was our everything! It basically started a new bad ass movement for young girls (at the same time grunge was at it’s peak as well). This movie has to be the most nostalgic so it’s always a Halloween movie on my list.

What are your Halloween movie picks this year?

If you’re still looking for costume and makeup ideas, head over to my Halloween section and maybe I can help you find inspiration! Otherwise, I hope everyone has a fun, safe, and Happy Halloween!! Take care! xo

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