05, 12, 2016

Masculine with a feminine touch

It might come to a surprise, but out of all the many years of shaving I’ve never once tried out a men’s razor. Maybe like most women, I’ve been pretty faithful to one brand, and one brand only, my entire life. So when I had the chance to branch out with Harry’s – a company that caters to men’s shaving needs – I took in the opportunity with open arms!

I’ve always heard that men’s razors preformed better at getting a much closer and smoother shave. Perhaps it’s the way that most women’s razors are designed to look like they wouldn’t hurt a fly, so at first glance the Harry’s Winston Set¬†razor looked a tad intimidating yet very masculine chic. With finely ground steel blades made in Germany, it’s obvious that design and quality were not the only factors in creating this affordable shaving kit.

If you’re new like me to using a men’s razor it may take a few times before you get use to the grip and movement of the blades, but once you have it down the results are some of the best you’ll experience in shaving. The sturdy rubber grip and reasonably flexible head makes it very easy to maneuver around any place that needs grooming – if you know what I’m sayin’ ladies.

One of the main reasons to why I’ve probably avoided men’s razors in the first place was because of the fear of getting nicked badly. It just seems like it’s more prone to happening because of the design, but that isn’t the case at all. I followed along with the tips that Harry’s provided – which was to first shave with the grain – then to achieve more smoothness, lightly go against the grain. Did anyone else realize us women have been shaving wrong the entire time?! Who knew you can learn so much from a tool that removes hair – I think we can all take away something good from men’s shaving tips! And with Christmas season here, I see this being not only a perfect gift for yourself but for any of the special men in your life as well.

This post was NOT sponsored by Harry’s – I was kindly sent these products. All opinions are my own.

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