23, 11, 2016

Holiday shopping in

It’s holiday season and if you’re like me, you would rather avoid the chaos at the malls and the interaction with sales associates telling you that if you buy one you get the second one half price. For many of us, online shopping has become our best friend and also our worst enemy – but we still love it! With Black Friday and Cyber Monday coming up, I thought I would list down some of my favourites to shop for gift giving.

The full package
Amazon (amazon.com)
The best way to start off the list is with just about everyone’s favourite. You’ll pretty much find anything and everything you’re looking for here, and best of all you’ll find it at the best deals and prices. I can trust and rely on Amazon for electronics, movies, books, and other useful gadgets.

For the love of fashion
ASOS (asos.com)
When it comes to ideal fashionable gifts – this is my only stop. ASOS has all the latest trends and more for any fashionistas you have in your life for them to get excited about. At tons of price ranges to select from, I never have trouble finding any styles of clothing and accessories that best suit my holiday budget. Not to mention, I can also find myself a nice dress for Christmas or NYE along the way :]

A playful lifestyle
ban.do (bando.com)
Those of all ages can appreciate the goodies that ban.do has to offer. Whether it’s a planner for your organized friend, a passport holder with a written statement for a globetrotter, or a chic phone charger for the tech lover, there is something for everyone. I can almost guarantee you will have not only the most colourful gifts given, but also the most Instagram worthy gifts that your friends will be sure to enjoy.

Act like a geek,
ThinkGeek (thinkgeek.com)
We all have a little nerdy in us! If you need to shop for any Star Wars or Harry Potter fanatics – or generally anyone that you know who loves the fun and wow factor type of gifts, then you’ll find more than plenty of uniqueness here. I mean, what kind of geeky coffee drinker wouldn’t want a R2-D2 coffee press for Christmas??

There’s never too much
Sephora (sephora.com)
How can we forget our makeup lovers? Any makeup junkie is going to be more than happy to receive anything you give them from Sephora. If you’re not sure where to start – cult favourites, gift bundles, gift cards, or even checking out the miniature travel sized products [that we all get sucked into scavenging around at the checkout line] as stocking stuffers would be a perfect idea.

Where will you be shopping for the holidays?

7 responses to “Holiday shopping in”

  1. Great websites! I also bought a good handful of my gifts from Well.ca. They have a large selection of lifestyle products (and free shipping, woo!)
    Amazon is ah-mazing, you can find so many things there.


  2. You can never go wrong with ordering at Sephora, they got the best makeup for sure. I completely forgot to save up for Black Friday so I’m not sure if I’ll get anything – last year I was in San Diego and I might have gone a bit overboard, the sales were just too tempting. I have never heard of ThinkGeek but it sounds amazing xx


    • Stacey says:

      Hahaha was it one of those VIB sales? I always miss out on these ones! Well stocking stuffers would be a good way to give 🙂

  3. Josune says:

    Hola! I absolutely love shopping online, and not just for the holidays, but it gets so crowded at the malls it is definitely tempting to do it at home from my bed!! I love the thinkgeek website, its so good for finding something for the boys as well! 🙂

    Have a great week!
    ♥ Josune @ Your Beauty Script


  4. Paulina says:

    So true! I’d rather online shop!


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