10, 08, 2015

Holy Moly, Tony Moly

Of all the Korean cosmetic brands I’ve tried Tony Moly is my favourite of them all. Besides their mixture of elegant and playful packaging, they have a variety of unique skincare and makeup products that not only targeted towards one crowd – they certainly have something for everyone to enjoy. My mom and I generally have different taste when it comes to beauty but we always seem to agree when it comes to Tony Moly products. Anyways I’ve been collecting and trying out a few products over the past few months now and these have been my findings.

Pocket Bunny Perfume Bar | 03 Bloom Bunny
Ever since my cousin gave me a solid perfume I’ve been curious to try out more. So when I saw that Tony Moly had these cute bunny perfume bars I got pretty excited. They had 2 other Pocket Bunny Perfume Bars but this one smelt the most floral, and I love me some floral scents, so of course I had to have it. I really love the scent since it’s light and feminine – and the fact that it’s package is so compact and that the product itself is a solid makes it very perfect for traveling.

The Oriental Gyeol Eye Cream
I’m pretty skeptical when it comes to eye creams. I still don’t know if they really do anything, but I thought I would just try this one out anyways since this one was passed down to me from my mom. Maybe I’m the wrong candidate to review an eye cream since I don’t really have much experience with them but all I can really say is I haven’t really noticed any difference with using it. This is a very hydrating eye cream though so perhaps I just need to use it a little bit longer to see results.

Timeless Ferment Snail Lip Treatment
It seems a lot of Korean brands has been obsessing over snail mucus. Before you get totally disgusted or weirded out snail slime is full of collagen, glycolic acid, and other proteins and compounds that rejuvenate and heal skin cells. I admit I wasn’t ready for the whole snail thing either so I decided to start off small with this lip balm. This has to be the most unique lip balm I’ve ever used before; it’s a clear slightly bouncy gelly that goes on smooth and stays in tack without being sticky. It also smells nothing of what you would expect it to smell like – it’s actually a very pleasant fruity lemon scent. I like this balm a lot but it’s not the best I’ve ever had.

Magic Food Banana Hand Milk
I’m weak when it comes to anything banana scented. I’ve seen the Banana Hand Milk reviewed on a lot of blogs before so when I got this as a sample I couldn’t wait to try it out. Besides the amazing scent, it has kind of a jello consistency that as it warms up it sinks in deep into your skin and leaves your hands super moisturized. I definitely want to pick up a full size the next time I visit a Tony Moly store.

Have you ever tried out any Tony Moly products before?

20 responses to “Holy Moly, Tony Moly”

  1. beautybygigi says:

    I recently bought the perfume bar in the Orange – I absolutely love it! So easy for travelling and such a nice scent too 🙂

  2. Cat Forsley says:

    i need that bunny
    asap xo

  3. RCubed says:

    I’ve seen some of their items at Sephora. Curious about their eye cooling stick. That animal packaging is too cute though!

    • Yea I’ve seen just their lip balm at Sephora but they really should carry more of their stuff in stores. Luckily there’s a Tony Moly store here and they include a membership card for 10-20% off plus things are always on sale so it’s awesome! Love the packaging especially heh

  4. MK says:

    I’ve always heard about this brand, but new for that eye cream! It looks really good since it has many Chinese herbs ingredients, I must try it 🙂

    • Yea I believe a very limited amount of their products are sold at Sephora but we have a Tony Moly store here so it’s nice to see everything they have 🙂 plus online always has everything as well. If the snail slime doesn’t freak you out they also have an eye cream as well

  5. 8thdaybeauty says:

    I just tried the fermented snail lip treatment yesterday because my friend just bought it haha it was really..interesting hahaha I love Tony Moly products 😀 they have the cutest packaging!

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