16, 02, 2016

Surviving social media

Just about everyone and everything is online now that at times it all can be quite overwhelming whether we like to admit it to ourselves or not. You can know about a person’s every move – where they have been, what they are thinking, and even what they are doing that very second. With all this free information, often at times it feels as though the word ‘mystery’ has lost its significance. Social media can get out of hand so here are a few ways to get through your feed without letting it get in your hair.

1 – Know that a lot of it is set up
Especially with models, bloggers, or anyone else in a more social media based industry – know that a lot of what you see is made out to look a certain way to the public. As a blogger myself I admit to applying and putting on my best makeup, hair, outfits just to go scouting for the best locations to take photos for my blog and other social media platforms. Photos may appear to be perfect only because they were made to look perfect. Even if it’s not photos from a photoshoot that are posted online, know that the rest of the what you see could also be the following:

2 – These are the best moments captured
No matter who you are we all always want to put our best foot forward. Some of us always want people to see what exciting things we’re doing and generally how interesting and social we are. You’re feed may often be flooded with photos of your friends’ exotic vacations, food from trendy restaurants, and/or of them having a blast surrounded by lots of people at parties or music festivals. I can tell you, not even the wealthiest of people have such an exciting life on a day to day basis. All these great moments were great at that moment and just happened to be captured for others like you to see.

3 – Don’t compare and obsess
With everything you can see nowadays it takes a very strong person to not get even the slightest envious of others. When you see someone doing something you’ve always dreamt of doing it can sometimes pull you back with jealousy which isn’t healthy especially when it becomes obsessive. The best thing you can do for yourself is to use that energy as a goal and concentrate on what you’re doing instead. When you’re living your life and making your own memories the thought of others will less likely even cross your mind.

4 – Take digital detoxes
Having your Instagram, Facebook, or Snapchat notify you about every single update can sometimes get unbearable. With some of us it may reach a point where we’re constantly always on our phones and computers checking and seeing what others are posting. This is why I believe a digital detox is needed every now and then. It can be for a few days, weeks, or even months but just doing it makes a whole lot of a difference. You will not only be surprised with how and what you can spent your valuable time on, but you will also appreciate and be more grateful about your surroundings.

5 – If you can’t handle it, delete it
If you’ve completed multiple digital detoxes and still find yourself always going back to square one then it’s probably best to hit the delete button. Just because everyone is online or on every social media platform possible doesn’t mean you need to stick around as well. Some people can handle it while others can’t (which isn’t at all a bad thing). After all it’s just social media and it’s nothing serious that you can not live without.

What do you do when social media becomes overwhelming?

4 responses to “Surviving social media”

  1. So many of these are great tips! I especially love 3 & 4. Instead of obsessing over where someone else is in their life- if you want to do something like that then you need to work on goals in order to achieve it, make it positive rather than depressive.
    As well, I like to try and spend at least 1 day a week not looking at my social media- remember what it was like before staring at a computer screen all day 😉
    Great post!

    Lindsey Elyse | lindseyginge

    • Stacey says:

      Exactly! I think we all at some point get influenced by what we see but if we just focus on ourselves we’ll get more done! So true, taking at least a day off is important. I usually try to take the weekends off hehe

  2. I think not comparing yourself and also remembering that a lot of it is all staged/set up is so important. At the same time, as a film/tv grad I don’t really see anything wrong with people staging their photos or trying to look extra special etc. I think it’s just natural for people to want to do that and I more just see a lot of social media as a creative platform that a lot of people just in different ways, but one of the main ones is as a form of expression. I guess what I’m trying to say is that I think social media is what you make it, so if it’s overwhelming just try and morph it into something more positive 🙂


    • Stacey says:

      Agreed, even if it is staged I think that’s fine since it is a form of creativity! I just think it’s also important that people know this because surprisingly enough a lot of the people I talk to have no idea about this or sponsored post, and etc. For us who are always online and in social media we all know what goes down so we have a better grasp at these things.

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