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As we gain more knowledge on healthier lifestyles, we’re more aware than ever in trying to find which one works best for us individually. Over the last few years, I for one decided to take charge of my body and do what’s best for it by frequently exercising, drinking more water, and eating more vegetables. I take daily vitamins as well but I never really thought to add in supplements since I partially thought they were kind of a gimmick. HUM Nutrition contacted me about a month or so ago, and I thought before I can even really say my final opinion on supplements I should probably try them out first.


I have to admit that I was quickly intrigued with HUM Nutrition since they didn’t seem like any old company just trying to sell you something with false promises. They state that their inclusive approach to beauty is more than skin deep and that they want to spread the message to help people feel and look great by starting within. It’s also nice know that they are a leading beauty supplement company thats formulations are developed by scientist and they use only natural, non-GMO, gluten-free, and only use sustainable sourced ingredients. They’re also easily available in Sephora, GOOP, Nordstrom, Urban Outfitters, and many more.

When you’re new and not sure where to start or what supplements you will need, on their website a quiz almost required to be taken to determine which supplements would be a wonderful addition to your diet and lifestyle. After taking the quiz I was recommended 3 different supplements but I had to reject one once it wasn’t fit for my mainly plant-based diet. I ended up with the Daily Cleanse, Skinny Bird, and HUM was nice enough to throw in some Raw Beauty Green Superfood Powder as well.

Daily Cleanse — (green algae & detox herbs)
Helps clear your skin & body (liver, bowel, kidneys, lungs and lymphatic system) from toxins. Includes 60 vegetarian/vegan capsules – take 2 capsules daily without food.

Skinny Bird — (caralluma fimbriata, 5-HTP, chromium, green tea leaf extract)
Weight loss program that has a unique formula of SMAC = Stress eating (5-HTP), help boost Metabolism (green tea), helps curb Appetite (caralluma), and Chromium to help support healthy blood sugar levels already within normal range. Includes 90 vegetarian/vegan capsules – take 1 capsule up to 3 times daily, 30 minutes before food.

Raw Beauty, Green Superfood Powder — (tahitian vanilla & berry infusion)
Helps boost energy, radiant skin and metabolism with raw organic greens + adaptogens + enzymes + probiotics.


It took me a little bit longer than 30 days to finish all the supplements, only because I got sick (NOT from the supplements) towards the end and I needed just a bit of downtime to recover for a few days. My typical day would start off with taking 2 of the Daily Cleanse all before I started my workout. After my 60 minute workout of either zumba, pop pilates, or kickboxing (sometimes a mix of all), I’d take 1 capsule of the Skinny Bird before I head into the shower so that by the time I’m finished with everything including my regular morning beauty regimen, 30 minutes would have gone by and I can have my first meal of the day. I was worried about side effects from the HUM Daily Cleanse, but nothing outrageous happened. I actually think it made things a lot more regular in a natural and non-forceful matter… if you know what I’m saying. In the past when I’ve tried things to help cleanse and detoxify my body I was often times left feeling nauseated, but not once has that happened with these. I’m still quite shocked with how gentle, healthy, and effective they were at detoxifying my body.


In desperate times comes desperate measures — I’d be lying if I said I never tried pills that promised some type of “quick fix” weightloss. With the few attempts that I have tried out, they all seem to temporarily work in the worst way possible that was not only very unsustainable but extremely unhealthy. I really had no exceptions or high hopes when I initially tried out HUM’s Skinny Bird, yet it ended up surprising me. In no way am I saying this is the solution or a miracle supplement, but I did notice my appetite was suppressed to a good amount that I wouldn’t end up overeating — as someone who tends to have trouble with portion control this has helped me a lot with controlling that issue. I’ve also really noticed that since adding these supplements into my daily routine, I’ve had more energy and was also a lot more motivated than usually to do my workouts for extended periods of time. This is a supplement I’m most definitely going to be repurchasing, and I highly recommend and think Skinny Bird would be amazing for anyone who regularly workouts.

This post was not sponsored by HUM Nutrition — I was kindly sent these items. All opinions are my own.

11 responses to “HUM”

  1. I am soooo bad at taking regular vitamins and pills! And I have yet to try a supplement, though the daily cleanse sounds really good – being a bit more regular would definitely help LOL. Glad to hear that these worked out well for you! And oh my goodness, you are my morning goals. You wake up and work out – I could never manage to pull myself out of bed for that!

    • Stacey says:

      I’m the exact same way but I downloaded a pill reminder app so now I’m reminded :] …I’m not old, just smart lol. It’s going to sound a bit cray but I’m just very much a morning person, I love waking up and I’m happy and smiling when I wake up which is probably the most annoying thing for people who aren’t morning people at all! Poor them LOL

  2. Georgia says:

    Really good to read an in-depth review about these! I’m so sceptical about this kind of thing but have tried to up my vitamin intake recently – these actually sound really intriguing, so glad they worked for you! 🙂

    //teandtwosugars.blogspot.com xx

    • Stacey says:

      I’m extremely skeptical with these things as well but I thought that if Sephora sells them they can’t be too bad to try out, and I’m glad I did because I would really repurchase them again 😀

  3. Velvet Blush says:

    I do need to up my vitamin intake, especially my vitamin D, but I’m rubbish at taking them. These wouldn’t work for me as I’m actually trying to put weight on xx

    Velvet Blush

  4. I do take a multivitamin daily plus my iron pills when I remember 🙂 I’ve done a couple cleanse in the past but we have a naturopathic and homeopathic doctors so consulting with them is important before I ingest anything like this because I’m such a coward – I just hate taking any kind of pills. x

    • Stacey says:

      I also need to take iron pills but only when I’m on my period, so many women have iron deficiency lol. Well that’s the smart thing to do, most people like myself just dive into it without really thinking twice :]

  5. Kara says:

    I’ve always been interested in these type of supplements since I’ve seen them on social media. I like how these ones are more natural and the company’s approach to beauty is a plus! Also I’m completely envious that you can motivate yourself to work out in the mornings. You go girl! x

    • Stacey says:

      I’ve actually tried other ones in the past that were not the best for anyone so I honestly was so happy to have found a brand that was about being natural! In fact I ordered them again because I love them <3

    • Stacey says:

      Oh and about motivating myself to workout at first was a struggle lol, but after a month I got use to it and for the days that I don’t exercise it just feels so unnatural! Once you get into the habit it will only come easy 🙂

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