10, 07, 2015

I Workout

We all have reasons for getting in shape – it could be for your health, confidence, a special occasion, needing a lifestyle change, or maybe all of the above. In my case it’s all these reasons, but especially for losing some weight before my sister’s wedding in the coming months. It’s amazing the motivation you get from wanting to look good for a special event! Most people would just go on some crazy crash diet and exercise but since I also want to make it a lifestyle change it’s been taking a bit longer to where I want to be. I don’t mind since it does take time to get into a new routine of healthier choices and activities.

Besides changing my diet I needed to change the way I kept active. I tried yoga for a few months but quickly got bored of it since I need something that is a bit more rhythmic than that. I started to experiment with jogging, elliptical, dance, and jump rope and realized these are the things I enjoy doing most.

It’s fine to work with what you already have lying around at home, but as silly as it may sound I feel that when you have cute workout gear you stay motivated and wanting to keep going. Do you agree as well? I’ve collected quite a few cute and colourful workout pieces so that I want to continue to use them, and it does make exercising a lot more fun.

Gear: Kyodan Clothing Sports Top & Bottom, Nike Free 5.0 Runners, Digital Jump Rope [here].

Let loose and enjoy your weekend! xo.

8 responses to “I Workout”

  1. Elyse says:

    Jumping rope is actually one of the best workouts you can do! Builds strength, but it’s also cardio and it burns so many calories! I enjoy Yoga, but haven’t done it in a while. It’s good to do as a cool down after a workout to stretch everything out–otherwise it’s boring!

    Lovely post hun! 🙂


  2. neffy93 says:

    I agree that feeling good in your work out attire becomes part of the mental attitude change and it becomes almost like putting on a uniform, you know when you are in those clothes there is work to be done and you’re ready for it. I never, ever put on my work out clothes and sit right down again, there is no sitting when I’m in those stretchy lycra garments. I love this post and you are so right, the healthy approach is best.

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