02, 09, 2015

Irresistible Me Hair Extensions

We may not realize it but our hair does a lot of the talking for us. Just like makeup and fashion, it can show off our personalities and lifestyles; it also adds onto our overall persona by the way we choose to cut, colour, and style it. Irresistible Me Hair Extensions were kind to send over an amazing set of their Royal Remy Clip-In Hair Extensions to play around with. Yes, I do have very long hair already but besides hair extensions being for those who want to extend their length, they are also perfect for those who want to add extra volume as well.

I received the Royal Remy Hair Extensions closest to my newly coloured hair which is #2 Royal Chocolate Brown, and I went for the longest length possible which is the 24 inches since my hair is very long already. This is a 9 piece set that comes with many options for how many clips you want to add into your hair. In addition, it comes with some extra hair and two other clips.

I’m no stranger when it comes to hair extensions. A lot of you may not know but I graduated from hair school a few years back and getting my hair cut by my peers was a monthly thing. It got to the point where I had an asymmetrical bob (the Victoria Beckham blonde bob was the hottest trend at the time) and I started to miss having long hair. That’s when I learned how to do sew in, braid, and even make my very own extensions. I played around with all types of hair but I quickly learned that remy hair was the best of the best for hair extensions. Since it’s human hair it is easiest to style, colour, cut, wash, and overall take care of.

The Irresistible Me extensions preform just as I expected. They blend in very well, and although my new hair colour is already fading out the extensions still blend in pretty well which has even given it more dimension. If you have long hair too you’d know that the bottom tends to be more thinned out due to the split ends and resisting from getting needed trims – we’re all guilty of this! So that’s where hair extensions can be beneficial for longer hair, making it look a lot fuller again.

I was also impressed with the fact that with most hair extensions you have to tease near the root of your own hair before applying extensions so that they stay on securely. However with these I didn’t tease my hair but they managed to stay on my head without budging or moving around.

If you’d like to get your own set of the Royal Remy Hair Extensions, check this video out first to help you colour match, then go ahead and visit the Irresistible Me website for more info 🙂

3 responses to “Irresistible Me Hair Extensions”

  1. 8thdaybeauty says:

    I’ve been thinking about trying out some extensions because my hair is quite thin but I don’t think I have the time to put them in every morning >_< does they take long to put them in your hair?

    • thebambieyes says:

      Once you get the hang of it it doesn’t take so long, I do feel that the aftermath is the hardest part of having to untangle it at the end of the day haha

  2. Heya, great post!!

    Like you, I loveeee hair extensions and spent absolute years searching the market for genuine virgin hair to add volume and length and that would last me years and not months. But what I found was most hair companies are, indeed, selling processed hair and once the silicone has worn off, the damaged hair follicle comes through and that’s what starts the shedding and tangling!

    Anyway, I only wear virgin Uzbek extensions (and virgin Russian extensions for special occasions) and I have had them in for over three years and I am sure they will last me another couple of years, too.

    I’m a new subbie!

    Feel free to check out my new makeup tutorial http://www.lovetashadee.wordpress.com xxx

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