24, 06, 2014

It’s Still Good!: Cosmetic Oldies

Recently I spotted a cosmetic sale going on near my place that sold a ton of out-of-season products. Most of the products were under $4!

Sally Hansen Cracked Heel Repair Cream
I know, I know. Cracked and dry feet aren’t the best topics, but they happen!

Sally Hansen Kwik Off Moisturizing Nail Polish Remover
I have always wanted to own one of these! I know it’s weird since it’s not like these are hard to find but I finally got down to actually buying one.

Bed Head Dumb Blonde Shampoo
Ok this one was $7 but nonetheless a major steal for a TIGI hair product. I haven’t been blonde for that long so I’m not sure if this is an older design appose to the regular white squeeze bottles I see. However I do prefer pump shampoos so I was happy when I spotted this one.

L’oreal HIP Studio Secrets Metallic Shadow in Gilded & Sculpted
These were out ages ago but I never really bothered to get my hands on them until now. I am always a sucker for gold eyeshadows so when I saw the pigmentation for Glided I went insane for it. Sculpted was also really pretty to look at, and since I don’t really have any purples in my collection I thought it would be a nice addition. The shadows are worth it, but the bulky packaging is a bit unnecessary.

Essie Parka Perfect
I don’t normally gravitate towards blues but this reminded me a lot of Cinderella and it brought me back to a happier place. *reminiscing*

Essie Licorice
Because you can never have enough black polish.

Nicole by OPI Love Song
Another colour I don’t normally pick up but $4 did no wronging.

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