04, 03, 2015

Keeping It Fresh

The first week of a new month is always the most exciting since there’s so many new opportunities to grow and improve yourself. Whether it be physically or mentally, it’s a time to think what you want to get done for the coming month. But speaking beauty-wise I’ve been all about improving and changing up my beauty routine. Recently I’ve been paying more attention to what works than of what doesn’t.

Coconut Oil
I haven’t experimented with coconut oil before until recent. As I’m getting older I’ve been concentrating a lot on skincare and have been trying out tons of natural DIY remedies. I’ve been using coconut oil for everything – cooking delicious meals, on my locks as a conditioning hair mask, to moisturize my body, and at night on my eyebrows to grow thicker hair. [purchase].

Amie Morning Dew Moisturizer
Still my favourite moisturizer by far for my oily skin. Although it has never completely kept me matte (let’s face this reality oily skin ladies – nothing ever really does), it has helped my skin from getting oily faster than usual. It has never broken me out, I love the fresh scent, its formula is very light and natural, plus the cost is on point. [purchase].

NARS Lipgloss – Belize
This is a colour I only seem to pull off when my skin is lighter in the fall or spring time. It’s the best beige-pink lipgloss in my books. I’ve been using this on top of my current favourite lipstick (Rimmel London Provocalips in Make Your Move featured in a past blog post) for just a bit more shine and moisture. But either way this gloss is just as amazing on its own. [purchase].

CLEAN Warm Cotton Eau de Parfum
I’m a total floral girl when it comes to fragrances, and I tend to be ultra picky when deciding what scents to buy. However, recently I went back to an old love of mine. Nothing smells more amazing than fresh cleaned laundry, and that’s what this is. There’s a tad citrus note to this which I don’t normally like in a scent, however this one doesn’t bother me one bit. [purchase].

4 responses to “Keeping It Fresh”

  1. Lovely post! I’ll be sure to try a few of these products out 🙂


  2. angelzhng says:

    I’ve also heard many super great things about coconut oil ! It’s awesome that you can use it for that many things. I think it’s time I go give it a try !
    Thanks !


    • Yes please do! I’m trying to use more natural oils now and avoiding too many chemicals since that stuff can go into your bloodstream. Coconut oil is a good start 🙂

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