30, 10, 2015

Korean skincare with Racinne

Like most beauty enthusiast, every now and then we like to switch up our skincare routine by leaving space for new products to come in and get a trial. Racinne is a Korean skincare company based in Canada that combine science and natural ingredients to combat and help with your skin concerns such as anti-aging, skin lightening (or skin whitening/brighting), sensitive skin, and hydration.

Racinne send over for me to try out one of their Ultimate Hydra Perfection products, as well as two of their Ultimate Aqua Blanc products. I’ve spent a good month with them and I have to say that although I already love Korean skincare products I haven’t tried anything like these before. I’ve been very happy with seeing how my skin has improved over the last few weeks.

Ultimate Hydra Perfection Gentle Refining Scrub Mask
The word hydration can still be a scary word for someone with oily skin but I’ve found that after using a bit more of hydrating products my skin doesn’t act up as much, in fact it actually makes my skin a little less oily. The formulation includes: lemon grass and peach extract, natural antioxidants that help get rid of dead skin cells and impurities, and seaweed extracts to help with the skin’s moisture barrier. I’ve never used a scrub mask before so I found this to be unique. All you have to do it gently massage the product into your face, leave on for 5 minutes, then rinse off. I like how it makes me skin very soft and smooth without feeling like my pores are being clogged.

Ultimate Aqua Blanc Concentrate Serum
If you suffer or have suffered from acne you know that dark spots, uneven skin tone, and hyperpigmentation is a very difficult and a slow process to get rid of. I personally just waited it out for the majority of them to disappear, but even years later I still have a lot of troubled areas that are still visible until this day. I have a favourite serum already but this one has been working a lot faster and I’ve been most surprised by this product. I’ve been using this right after cleansing and toning my face both day and night and love how quickly it absorbs into my skin. Aside from helping to fade out my problem areas, it has significantly made my skin appear a lot brighter and refreshed.

Untimate Aqua Blanc Boost Lotion
I like to use this one only at night when my skin is most vulnerable to healing since it’s also a little bit too moisturizing for my taste as a daytime lotion. In combination with the Concentrate Serum these work like magic together and have really been helping out with getting rid of my acne scars and hyperpigmentation. It also quickly absorbs into the skin and has a light and refreshing scent that won’t bother the most sensitive noses out there.

Of the three products I’ve tried the Ultimate Aqua Blanc Concentrate Serum has been my favourite of the bunch and I highly recommend it for those who specifically suffer from current or past acne scaring and dark spots. From what I can see Racinne in general has been very light yet effective which is what I love in a skincare line.

When purchasing from Racinne, use the code BAMBIEYES for a 20% off discount on regular products!
(* The 20% code does not including beauty devices.)

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  1. iamserenel says:

    Love Racinne, the serum sounds really good & the aqua blanc moisturiser sounds really good too! I usually use those types of moisturisers at night too! cause they are really heavy hehehe 😀

    Serene | I Am Serene L

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