03, 10, 2014

Lum Invader Makeup (Re-Upload)

To kickoff my first Halloween look, I thought I’d try out a cute look for those anime fans out there (note: This look was originally posted 2 years ago so I hope you don’t mind all the crazy watermarks!). And for those of you who are unfamiliar with Lum (pronounced “Ramu” or ”Lamu”), she is a character from the anime “Urusei Yatsura”. Lum is considered to be the original otaku (meaning “geek” in Japanese) dream girl. She is known to be hot tempered, intelligent, and quite popular with the boys :p

Check out how I create her look!

Once I had my base makeup on, I went in for the eyebrows. Anime characters suaully have long eyebrows so I went on to extend them further than my natural brow.
Then  with a bronzy-pink eyeshadow (Sleek Oh So Special palette “Organza”), I applied the colour all over the lid. And with the same palette, I took “Boxed” (a matte chocolate brown colour) and applied it into my crease.

White eyeliner is the trick to the appearance of bigger looking eyes.

I used a medium matte orange eyeshadow (Sleek Au Natural palette in “Toast”) above the crease colour to blend the colours.

Then I went ahead and created a cat eye with liquid liner. Anime eyes are often huge so a bit of exaggeration is key. I also lined the bottom of the white liner to create the illusion of a new lower lash line.

Curl your lashes and apply both top and lower lashes.

I slimmed down my face by contouring the nose and jaw line.

Added some colour to the cheeks (MAC Marilyn Monroe collection in Legendary).

Use a nude lipstick (Essence in In the Nude) and topped it with a lip gloss (MAC Marilyn Monroe collection in Phiff!).

The end results.

The look wouldn’t be complete without Lum’s pointed ears, and vivid hair colour (wig from ebay).

As well as her tiger print bikini and ”horns” which I DIY’ed. And put in some blue circle contact lenses.

Don’t be afraid to get into character!

As for the costume, I bought leopard print fabric from my local fabric store, and shaped it around a bandeau top I had laying around. I took the leftover fabric to make ears around a headband I got from H&M.

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  1. clara says:

    wow, nice hair color! 🙂

  2. […] you can craft them together (ex. The crown. I reused the headband in another Halloween tutorial: Lum Invader) or if you really must, then go ahead and purchase them. At least you saved a lot more on the […]

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